Chanting the Passion

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It will be the same three chanters again this year

Brother Michael Berry, OCD, Fr. Michael Yakaitis, Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S.
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and, like last year, I think liturgical vestments, rather than religious community garb, is more fitting.

I don't know if this is documented anywere, but I do know it ain't legit for folks to use their 'habit' as an alb!

Yeah, I'm with Maureen on this one. Albs (or cassock and surplice) would look better on the non-celebrant cantors.

I can't believe the picture is already on the blog, as I just gave my camera to Jeff, he downloaded the pictures two minutes ago, and I have now gone upstairs and thought I would look at the blog before hitting the hay, and was suprised to see he has already posted the picture on the web! Maureen may be right as I know her liturgical qualifications well, but I have to tell you the passion was sung superbly by all three of them, and I have never seen a better liturgy! The Passion was wonderful, much better than the Mel Gibson version, and the homily hit home and was thought by everyone to be "just what we needed, right on target." People were at peace and hung around outside chatting, it was pretty amazing. It's great to be in Chicago for Holy Week, and I'm looking forward to Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. Happy Easter Everyone!

Kathy (Jeff's "older" sister, and luckily for him, the only one!)

Sorry, on Good Friday, unless I am the presider, the practice is Cassock, Cross and Chain. The practices of the Religious Community take priority here. Obviously if it is aEucharist where I am concelebrating it would be in an Alb and Stole. But I was preaching on the Cross, and the Cassock, Cross and Chain of my community is what I will wear. Ok, Maureen, would you tell Gaspar to put down the cross and put on an Alb?

And Kathy, the picture was posted this morning, and was taken last year.

I'm sorry I could not witness the chanting of the Passion. Do you have a score to the Passion narrative, or is this a plain chant process? I will bring this up to my pastor for next year. Thanks for your inspiring blog, Father. A blessed Easter to you and your community.

The Chants of the passion are available in book form (See the big red books Bro. Mike and I are holding) from GIA publications in Chicago, and cost about $50.

Ok, the picture is identical to the one I took last night, and I'm glad to hear you are not superman (posting the picture in less than 10 seconds). Point well taken, the book Brother Michael holds is the only difference between the two. It is "the same three chanters this year."

Not positive, but Canticanova might also have scores for the chanted passions for a bit less.

of course I would ask Gaspar to vest in alb and stole if he were proclaiming the gospel or preaching as part of a liturgy. (not Mass only, Father Jeff, for me, what's operative is minister in a liturgy of the word, even if it's not followed by liturgy of the eucharist.

preaching a Mission evening if it's not evening prayer, "reserved for special occasions" community garb I would gracefully accept with a smile.

but I think the church asks all clerics taking public roles in liturgy to vest. and, I think, sometimes their very presence requires some sort of vesting.

we have older versions of vesting besides alb and stole. but alb and stole are what people in the US associate with ordained person ministering.

a point I admit needsd to be considered here: Father Jeff, as a passion proclaimer, was not fulfilling a ministry reserved to the ordained.

I understand Father Jeff wears his Precious Blood formal wear when he leads the choir, so regulars at the Bond Chapel Liturgies would be familiar with that. but preaching the homily brings ordination to the fore as his primary relationship with us the assembly.

the larger conversation is what role religious men's formal wear plays in general witnessing and how it might function in liturgy, topics for another series.

I'm on break from a taxing day, resting up for the vigil. saying my piece here is undoubtedly influenced by all the frustrations setting up for a vigil with a new pastor and the indomitable flower lady.

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