Fifty Days

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Easter lasts for 50 days. Lent seems to have captured the imagination more than the Easter Season has. The fasting and works of charity of Lent seem to take center stage more readily than Easter practices. I am curious what readers out there are doing to observe the Easter Season. Leave your comments and suggestions in the comments box.

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I don't have any Easter season practices. I look forward to what other people will post.

I add organ accompanyment to everything. Dishes, oven, fridge, everything.

No chant is done in my home during Easter.

Half-way through the morning myself and all the animals of the household stop to sing the Gloria.

Before I read the newspaper I sing the Alleluia rather than Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.

Also, I play an organ postlude after I process to my bed.

Doughnuts, doughnuts, doughnuts.

right now, for the Octave, I am savoring the beauty of the church environment and the Easter Water at daily liturgies.

I have flowers in the house, along with a special bowl of water brought home from church, and a pillar candle. (I've thought of springing for a Marklin initiation candle that has the same decoration as our parish's paschal candle, but haven't ever done that.)

I read the entire Acts of the Apostles, and the gospel of John, as well as sitting with the daily readings from Acts and the gospel of John.

Nearer to Pentecost, I make this an annual time of listening and discernment: what has gone well in my church volunteer ministries? what needs more prayer and effort? what new things would I like to try that the church in general and my current local situation (whatever it is) will allow me to do?

In the Magnificat, Fr. Peter has a via lucis for the season of Easter. I really wish that he would publish a prayer book based upon the material found in Magnificat. And a book of saints...

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