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Retrouvaille is probably the church's best kept secret. I would recommend it to any married couple. I am amazed at how much it has helped me as a priest. You do not have to be in trouble, either as a priest or as a married couple, although it is designed primarily for them. But if you are a married couple with any communication difficulties or problems, this is the place for you.

April 16-18,2004, Retrouvaille weekends are being held in the following places:

Pittsburg, PA Atlanta, GA Orlando, FL Venice, FL Cleveland, OH Houston, TX, Hartford, CT St. Paul, MN (Multi-denominational) Twin Cities, MN Delaware, Valley, PA Birmingham, AL Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Dubuque, IA Herndon, VA Ft. Worth, TX

I will be working the weekend in Herndon. If you post any promises of prayers here, I will have them printed out and on display for the couples.

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Actually, if a married couple wants to "tune up" their marriage but isn't experiencing serious communication problems, I would probably recommend Marriage Encounter over Retrouvaille.

Fr. Jeff, would you agree?

Those looking for more information on Marriage Encounter should consult the following web site, which has links to local chapters:

Retrouvaille always seems a bit more down to earth than ME. ME uses the same principles, and Retrouvaille was born out of ME, but it was because ME was a bit too romantic and not connected with the real communication difficultis a couple might experience.

I am happy to pray each day of the Retrouvaille weekend for every couple in attendance. My prayer will be that they allow themselves to be open to the message, that they hear the message, and that they experience some healing as a result.

Prayers for those on the Retrouvaille Weekends all throughout the country.

When Jesus says to us in this weekend's gospel "whoever you hold bound, they are held bound" it's also about our relationships with each other!

May there be peace and letting people go free this weekend and in the follow-ups.

I will pray for all those marriages you seek to help!

PS. I am in the Arlington VA diocese :o)

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