O Blessed of all Nights

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We had a great celebration at our parish last night. We have a new baptismal font (actually a walk in pool) and we had a few adults baptized as well as several children, the youngest was 2 years old. It was very moving. Also of the adults, there were 4 Confirmations.

Interesting experience to end up at the back of the church--we were at the second to last row in the back. It sure is hard for short people to see the presiding and other activities at the front. At one point I used my hymnal (personal--not the parish's) to give myself another 1.5 inches and even that helped a bit but I could only do that for about 3 minutes out of the 3 hours. Anyway, it was beautiful to see the church light up and hear the Allelulias and be blessed with Eucharist under both species. Oh, and another thing, the service was bilingual and both the Spanish and English choirs led the community in singing. I love this type of service.

Note: That picture was taken a few seconds before a gust of wind blew out the Easter candle and most of the smaller ones.

Nothing in this life goes quite perfectly...

nope, Patrick, the pic was posted at 4:05pm. That Pic was taken last year. That is Fr. Mike carrying the candle in the pic. Deacon Jeff carried it this year. Yep is was windy this year.

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