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Urgent prayers needed. Christopher, whom I met with his family during a recent mission in Arizona, was just informed that his Father has had two heart attacks in the last 12 hours. His Father is only 45 years old. This is the first time something like this has happened to him. He has been in pretty good health. He is in critical condition in the hospital right now. I spoke with Chris a while ago and let him know we would be praying for him and his family, and that the intention of the mass in the morning would be for his Father.

Everyone else, leave your prayer notes in the comment box for Chris to see.

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Thank you everyone for your prayers!!

Ah, so this is how they found me. Chris, you and your father, and all your family are in my prayers, and I've posted your prayer request to my blog.

Chris, I am so sorry to hear about our father. I will keep him, you and all of your family in my prayers. Hang in there and please know you are not alone right now.

Chris, I am so sorry to hear of your father's illness. I will light a candle for him in the Cathedral on Holy Thursday. May the Lord heal him and bless your family.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus, source of the Precious Blood, be a source of strength for your dad and all of you in the family.
Maria Elena & Dave
Precious Blood Companions

Hi everyone,

Words cannot describe my thanks for all of your prayers. I just talked with my mother and she said that his condition is better and he will be spending the next few days in the hospital. Although all of us are still a wreck, some peace comes to us to hear my Dad is OK. I talked with my Aunt Vanessa whom I live with at the present time and she brought up a good point. She told me that all fights, arguments, anger and divisions in families mean nothing when it comes to something like this. In the very end, our love for each other matters and the rest is all up to God to deal with. We never know when God might try to call us home, so please love those who are far or near because things can change just like that.
God has truly given me and my family a chance to have a father and husband a while longer. Thank you Father Jeff for calling and giving me comfort in a time of hurt, choas, and sadness. And to everyone here posting, for every prayer you say for me, my dad, and my family; Smiles, Thank you, Blessings and Love!
PS> Blessings to all durring our Lord's week!

Prayers going up.

more prayers...

the changes in lifestyle that accompany recovery from heart attack are a major trial for both the patient and all who have to be supportive.

Prayers continue for the continued recovery of your father, Chris.

Praise God that your father is better, Chris.
May the Lord continue to heal him and bless your family.

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