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It is community night tonight, then to finish packing. I am off to Midway airport very early in the morning, and Steve will be shocked to learn that the computer is staying home. I can't believe that more than 100 people came by here and only one left a promise of Prayer for the Retrouvaille couples. I dislike having nothing to show when I tell them people all over are praying for them. I will be flying to Washingto, DC for a bit of sightseeing, and then the Retrouvaille in Herndon, VA. Have a great weekend.

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I'm sorry.
I often read prayer requests, make a note of them and offer prayers without posting (I was praying for Jenna and her family, for instance.)
I'll try and be more thoughtful about posting when I read such threads, in the future.
You know I have an interest in Retrouvaille (now I'm asking for OTHER people's prayers, trying to come up with a way to broach the subject to my brothe and his wife.)

I know friends in my neighborhood who are having problems in their marriage right now, trying to work through it without benefit of any counseling, so I will definitely keep your couples in my prayers. I too am sorry that my concerns this week kept me from responding to this as I believe in this more than I can express, and think that they are taking the first step to greater understanding and reconciliation by making the effort to attend your sessions. The first step is always the hardest, sounds too easy, but it's true!

Another silent pray-er here in Houston. I've been praying for the marriages of the McFarlanes and a good friend's brother and his wife, always adding an intention for all couples undergoing marital strife, conflict, and problems. Am also including your mission and the couples who attend.

If only we could always remember to rely on Jesus and grace rather than our own strength. I pray that the Holy Spirit flood all of us with marital problems, even if we don't realize them, with His gifts of wisdom, understanding, right judgment, and the courage to face up to our own culpability and then to change ourselves so that our marriages might be more the earthly representation of the Trinity they are meant to be.

In Christ's peace and love,

Robin L. in TX

The outline for your homily is wonderful. My wife and I have been on Marriage Encounter weekends twice which I've understood to share a lot of the same elements as Retrouvaille. Although it's been probably 15 years, things I absorbed then are still with me now. So in the Better Late Than Never mode, please know that prayers were offered up for all the couples and teams. May the power and healing of God's love be searched out by them.

Jeff--hope you checked your regular e-mail--we sent ours via that means. djb/meb

Kathy--give us a call or give your struggling friends our number; maybe we can encourage them to attend Retrouvaille. Maria Elena & Dave

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