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Ahem. More that 200 people stopped by here in that past couple of days and only three people posted promises of prayer for Mike and David to see when they log on here from Iraq. Email addresses are not required, and you can post anonymously. Are y'all praying? A few posts here will give some encouragement to a few young men serving your country. Ahem. Ahem.

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Two Aves for each of them thus far.

May God keep Dave and Mike safe, may He comfort their parents, and may He strengthen the resolve of all free people to help those who are helping the people of Iraq.

Father Jeff,

are you sure e mail addresses aren't required?

they were when you first moved to this service.

I've posted this without entering an e-mail address.

Two more Aves, coming up.

I am definitely praying for them and for all of our military! I had a wake-up call recently that I need to be praying for the people in our military & their families when about 4000 men and women from my area were activated and deployed (they left for training at Ft. Hood last week). These two guys can count on being in my prayers!

I will pray a rosary for them.

My kids and I pray for our soldiers everyday and we will add Mike and David in a special way from now on.

I'm sorry. I'm not usually a "me,too" poster, and sometimes forget that , though I pray for you and your regularly, I really should open the comment box and type also...... and, of course, I will continue to pray!

karen marie

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