Ok, Where is that?

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Suddenly, you know just where to find that passaage. Oh, all the books are in boxes, 41 boxes.

Ever heard of a needle in a haystack?

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My moving tricks:

a) Use small and med boxes only

b) Put similar things in one box (no mixing)

c) Lable the top AND the side of boxes with a black marker.

d)On moving day, put boxes immediately in the right room

d) Stack boxes against a wall with the lable-side out

I know this valuable advice is a bit late for you Fr. JeffI hope ;) but perhaps it will help someone else.

Trying to find a passage? Google it or try Copernicus.com

Yup, all the boxes marked. What happens when you have 14 boxes marked "Scripture" and 11 boxes marked "liturgy." Did you know I have 4 boxes marked "CPPS files" and five boxes marked "Merton."

So it was a Merton text I needed. I found it in the fifth box I opened. (grin)

Well, at least it was one of 5 instead of one of 99!

Btw, have you ever thought about how light the Virgin must have packed on her way to Bethlehem?

oops, that was my post

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