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Steve has been a great help. We packed over 33 boxes of books the other day and to day is the art and incidentals.

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How many times has this move been made?

Let's see, if I remember, Manteco to Sonnino, Sonnino to Alameda, Alameda to Chicago, Chicago to Newark....

Time flies when you are packing and unpacking... It will be good to have you back. Take care.

Lets see, 1990--Berkeley to Manteca, 1991--Manteca to Alameda, 1992--Alameda to Berkeley, 1994--Berkeley to Alameda, 2001--Alameda to Chicago, 2004--Chicago to Newark.

Yes, it will be close to friends again. I can hardly wait to get this move finished, but do not get to unpack in the new digs until August. I have just begun two months of living out of a suitcase.

Oh the joys of living out of a suitcase! Be honest, was there anything that you didn't have to pack, because it was still in a box from your last move? Just thought I would ask.

Steve looks far too young to have had nuns (in habits)pass on their attaboys, so I will do it in place of the dear old sisters: You are earning steps to Heaven by helping Fr. Jeff. :)

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