Ciao, Karol, You were a

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Ciao, Karol,

You were a blessing to us.

You will be missed.

We shall remember your words.

Open wide the doors to Christ!!!

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Even though I am not Cathloic, my thoughts and prayers go to the POPE and every Catholic. I was 14 when he was elected POPE, and I remember the respect and love he had for all not matter their religion. GOD BLESS; you will be missed.

Pope John Paul ~ thank you for the example you set for all mankind. You truly were a shepherd of Christ and followed His word. You have inspired me to do more for my fellow man. You are a blessing to us all.

Knowing Christ is the way to heaven and I pray that he comes into my heart and that I seek to know Him better.

Father I am so sorry that you deleted the emails, as I truly feel that so many were sincere and thoughtful. They were inspirational and humbling. Those few that were disrespectful were looking for a reaction and you gave it to them. Keep those people that posted the good thoughts in your prayers for practically all of them were inspirational and compassionate. It was a way for them to ease the pain they felt for the passing of the Pope and a way to communicate with other loving Christians.

Unlike my brother Fr. Jeff, I only had the fortune to see him once, July 4, 2001, with my brother and his friend. It was a blessed way to spend a very hot day in Rome. As I reflect on Pope John Paul the Great's (as he's being referenced today) passing, I think we were very lucky to have him as our pope for 26 years, coincidentally this is the age of my son. I was saddened by his passing today, because the world has lost a saint in my opinion, but I am happy for him because I know he was instantly with our lord and saviour. I'm also sad I will not get another opportunity to see him in Rome. Peace to all on this holy day.


It is with great sadness that we depart for Rome later this week--a pilgrimage long planned to see Gaspar's Rome. But of course we had hoped to see the Holy Father. We are arriving at and leaving Rome during which time there will not be a Holy Father--such a feeling of emptiness.

On another note: I so respect his choice to die at home. Death of the body is a part of physical and spiritual life. He recognized that hospitalization would only prolong his death (not his life)and he chose to die at home with his loved ones around him. I'm sure the priests and nuns recognized the privileged gift he gave them.

Maria Elena


When do you leave; I read he will be lying in state in St. Peter's later this week. I'm not sure for how long but hope he is still there during your visit, but also I heard his funeral will be in about 4 days. Have a great trip!

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