Belated Greetings for the Feast

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Yesterday was the Solemnity of the Most Precious Blood. At the parish we are transfering the feast to Sunday, but we celebrated here in the heartland, the land of the cross-tipped churches, at St. Charles Center.

I tried several time to blog yesterday, but was unable. RC's email this morning explained why. Anyway, blessings on the feast, and if you are anywhere near Newark, come and celebrate.

Today, it is a drive across Ohio and Indiana to Midway Airport in Chicago for the flight home.

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We celebrated yesterday -- at 7:00 am Mass sang what Brian Boyle calls "the Precious Blood fight song." (ALLLLLLL the verses!)
We used it again later at Fisrt Friday Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction.

Safe trip, and God bless, Fr. Keyes.

I'm still a little high from the week at "Chant Camp." (Don't plan to come down off it for as long as possible.)

OK, you got me.
What IS the "Precious Blood Fight Song"?

I worked at a parish called Precious Blood for 8 years, and never celebrated the patronal feast (sigh).

Hymn list would have included:
HYFRYDOL - Alleluia, sing to Jesus
AUSTRIA - Glorious things of thee are spoken (v.4 - Blest inhabitants of Sion, washed in the Redeemer's blood...)
By the blood which flowed from thee
SALZBURG - At the Lamb's high feast we sing


"Glory Be To Jesus" is used by some members of the CPPS as a theme song.

No place ever sang the Precious Blood fight song louder, still, and louder than my home parish, Saint Michael's in Kalida. But, I also kind of like Father Ralph Verdi's "Come, Let Us Adore" (the Lamb Who saved us with His Blood.) Nice easy refrain. Just never hear it unfortunately. It's not widely circulated by any of the mega-trend Churchy publishers.

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