More blogger meetings, Vacation Report IV

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BMP.jpg Today is the last full day here in the East as tomorrow I head home to do laundry, re-pack and head to Austin. At least for two nights I get to rescue my puppy from those Dodger fans who have been dressing her in Blue. Today’s first trip was down to Rhode Island and a visit to Holy Ghost Church in Tiverton. BMP2.jpg

This was another meeting of fellow bloggers. Brian gave me a quick tour of the Church with a view of the recent history of the parish and shared with me some of the favorite pieces on the organ. Then we went out for a sandwich before I began the trek north again. It is always a great joy to meet people with similar ideas about music and ministry. It sounds to me that his parish has gone through a similar transition in music ministry as has my own. BMP3.jpg

Then I stopped by the Motherhouse of the Daughters of St. Paul. Their bookstore in Redwood City is a favorite of mine and these sisters have helped a great deal in bringing Catholic Books to St. Edward parishioners. They had asked me to review some inventory on Pastoral Ministry for them and so I stopped by to pick up my homework. They most graciously gave me a pretty comprehensive tour of their publishing and recording enterprise. I was able to see a proof copy of the new translation of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. One of the editors very animatedly gave us a tour of the book and some of the new things this book will have. BMP4.jpg

Even though I am on day four of this antibiotic regimen I am still hacking away. I am scheduled to head off to a sing-it-yourself Faure Requiem, but my voice is trying to convince me to stay indoors.

[UPDATE: Brian has his post here.]

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Truthfully, I'd much rather trust the doggie with Dodger fans than Yankee fans. ;) I wish I had time to show you around a little more. Once I got back, I had to take the wife to the dentist to follow up on a nasty abcess she's had.
My post is up as well.

Thank you, Brian. I assure you that the puppy in question is quite happy; especially since her team is not in last place! Living with a Giants fan is quite trying for her.

Ah, Donalyn, you must be the Dodger fan in question ;P

Father's prudence in taking care of his voice won out over the desire to sing the Faure, so we just had comfort food at the Cracker Barrel (another low-key restaurant, Brian).

It's been a pleasure to meet you this week, Fr. Keyes: thanks for the opportunity to swap stories and visit some local places with you. I'll see you on the Left Coast sometime!

In a spirit of Christian charity, I have decided to continue in my admiration and affection for the blogmaster of Christus Vincit, despite his untoward comment about the greatest franchise in the history of organized sport.;-)

Geri (whose childhood parish church had a lovely Madonna in pin-stripes, at least that's the way I remember it)

Oh dear, Fr. Keyes with Brian. That sounds like a dangerous combination to me. "Progressive" church musicians on both sides of the country will soon have nowhere to hide.

Why thank you Geri. I just had to get that out, you know - the Red Sox man that I am. ;)

"That sounds like a dangerous combination to me. "Progressive" church musicians on both sides of the country will soon have nowhere to hide."

That's right! And ya can't go south either, because you got CV's own Jason guarding liturgical borders in Louisiana - hehehehehe!

And let's not forget Florida's best harpist (MJB).


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