St. Maria de Mattias

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February 4th is also the Feast of St. Maria de Mattias.


The above picture hangs in our museum in Albano, a place I visited recently. I also had the joy of attending Maria's Canonization, an event that was completely skipped by CWN which is when I cancelled my subscription. Why subscribe to something that fails to report on the Catholic World? You can find stuff about her canonization by searching the archives of my old blog for reports.

Material about her life can be found here.

Here is the sermon that Venerable Merlini preched at here funeral.

Pope John Paul II's homily at her canonization can be found here.

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I saw a link to your page at Amy Welborn's Open book. I have a question.

I attended St Teresa Academy in E St Louis, IL where I graduated in 1962.

The nuns were then known as the Sisters Adorers of the Most Precious Blood out of Ruma.

My English teacher and newspaper moderator was Sr Mary Pauline Grady who was chosen by the order to wrote the biography of Maria de Mattias.
She was sent to Italy to gather materials and put together Maria's life. I have a copy of the book "Girl in a Hurry" which was published in 1964.

Over the years I saw Sr Pauline now and then. The last time was in 2001 at a choral concert for my deceased father at St Patrick's parish in E St Louis.
At the time Sr Pauline was counselling incarcerated men at a Federal prison somewhere in Illinois or Indiana.

She died just recently. And I'm wondering, since Sr Pauline was Maria's biographer, was she at the canonization? Did you know her?


Julia Buser Welch
Belleville, IL

I have heard her name, but do not believe I ever met her. I have not seen that book, and the current definitive biograph of Maria is called "Obedient Rebel" by Colagiovanni

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