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I am currently in Washington, DC at the CMAA colloquium. Today I presided at the 10:30am Liturgy, entirely sung in Latin at the Crypt Chapel in the National Shrine.

For pictures and reports go to the MuscaSacra site.

I will publish more pictures and reflections on my return home.

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Fr. Jeff,
We know that you and the Deeds will indeed have a wonderful time at the colloquium. Looking forward to hearing all about it and enjoying any singing and photos that you or CMAA put on line. Blessings. You are in our prayers. Please include our friend's son, Ian, who has testicular cancer in your prayers. Maria Elena & Dave

Yesterday for the first time I attended 10:00 mass at St. Edward. Beautiful! I loved the music in Latin. How I wish one of the churches in San Leandro had such a mass. I can't remember the last time when incense was used in a mass I attened (years and years ago)== and to incense the faithful! How much like the old Latin Mass.
And to boot - can't remember when I last saw an usher in suit and tie. I seem to think the parishoners were also better dressed.
I plan on attending more masses at Saint Edward. But one thing...I will have to take a missal with me. I have a hearing loss and I miss much of the readings. No trouble with a missal. I wonder how many at Saint Edward do have this problem.

Gee, you must have a really supportive pastor to allow you to go to the colloquium....;-)

Were your ears burning this morning?
Your name came up over coffee at the Musicians' Retreat at Mundelein, when we were talking about musicians looking for supportive pastors and pastors looking for supportive musicians. I mentioned that it had taken a bit of time for you at St Edward's, and one of my table mates recognized your name as she too had just come from the CMAA gathering.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Eloise: Yep, others have a problem with our sound system. We just had some experts take a look at it, and well, we are a bit overwhelmed with the cost estimate to fix things. But Father is working with them to get something worked out. We definitely know that it needs to improve! In the meantime, it's good to hear that you enjoy the 10am Choral Mass. Come as often as you would like!!

Maria Elena and Dave: Oh yeah! It was like sooo amazing! As a matter of fact, for 6 short days even I thought I could sing! You know how we are supposed to see ourselves surrounded by and participating in the singing with the angels as they praise God? Well, dudes! I was there and I heard it happening! I'll tell you more on the 2nd.

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