Day 8, yum yum

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Ok, let's be clear. The main highlight of the day was to be able to celebrate Mass again at San Felice, the Abbey where St. Gaspar and companions founded the Missionaries of the Precious Blood in 1815. That is always a privilege and an honor.

We also visited my favorite Restaurant, and I think that most of the pictures will be from there. Yep, did not have my camera in hand during the Mass.

I slept in today. I was surprised when I rolled out of bed as late as 6:00am. But then I did not set an alarm. We were not going to do Morning Prayer until 8:30am so had plenty of time to wake up, get cleaned up and chant Matins.

We skipped Mass this morning because the plan was to drive up to Giano and celebrate Mass there before heading off for the finest pranzo on earth.

Well, traffic was going to be the story today, both to and from Giano. The reasons were unexplained in the morning, but it took nearly an hour just to leave Rome. On the way home it was an accident. But the hour and a half trip turned into about 3 hours both directions.

So we get to Giano late, and of course, we were not permitted to celebrate Mass because they were all at Pranzo. So we were told to come back at 3:30. So we headed up the mountain to have Pranzo first.

After we finished we had plenty of time to have a reasonable fast, and Don Luciano was waiting for us when we arrived. He even stayed around to concelebrate with us. We did a lot of Latin, so he had an easy time. He stumbled a bit with the English parts.

After Mass it was the long trip home. We were pretty tired. Did some watering of plants, washing of laundry, but basic relaxing with a few books was the story for the rest of the evening. There was no dinner as lunch was pretty substantial.

I suppose you were wondering if there were any pictures:

Rome 2008 849 b.jpg

Rome 2008 789 b.jpg

Rome 2008 786 b.jpg

Rome 2008 772 b.jpg

They do not start baking the bread they put on your table until you get there:

Rome 2008 790 b.jpg

Rome 2008 780 b.jpg

Rome 2008 811 b.jpg

Kathy, too bad you were not there. Your favorite: bruschetta.

Rome 2008 808 b.jpg

Then the pasta:

Rome 2008 817 b.jpg

and mixed grill:

Rome 2008 819 b.jpg

Taking our leave. We met there an older diocesan priest from the region and his friend from Colorado.

Rome 2008 833 b.jpg

Then back to San Felice:

Rome 2008 867 b.jpg

Rome 2008 756 b.jpg

Rome 2008 767 b.jpg

Rome 2008 914 b.jpg

Rome 2008 910 b.jpg

Rome 2008 906 c.jpg

St. Felix whose tomb is here. Also St. Benedict as this served as a Benedictine Monastery for centuries.

Rome 2008 919 c.jpg

The sacristy:

Rome 2008 937 b.jpg

Detail from the sacristy:

Rome 2008 940 c.jpg

My favorite depiction of the Madonna, is up on the second floor of the cloister:

Rome 2008 941 c.jpg

My favorite image of St. Gaspar is just around the corner. The Madonna is from 1494. The St. Gaspar is a modern 20th Century depiction.

Rome 2008 933 b.jpg

Don Luciano waves arrivederci:

Rome 2008 953 b.jpg

Time to turn out the lights:

Rome 2008 968 b.jpg

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Thank you so much for the pictures of Giano!

And, in anticipation, prayers for the community and for you as you prepare to celebrate the founding anniversary.

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