A Psalm for Christ The Light



I have the honor of having one of my psalms sttings being chosen for the dedication of the Cathedral of Christ the Light.

Psalm 95 was chosen from the Common of the Anniversary of the Dedication of a Church by the Music Committee of the Cathedral of Christ the Light. This setting, Psalm 95-Venite Exsultemus was composed using Mode IV. Using Gregorian modes emphasizes the primacy of the human voice. Normally it is to be sung without accompaniment, but can be accompanied by bells used sparingly.

Mode IV, also known as "deuterus plagius," centers around recitation on la and final on mi. In his work on Gregorian Chant, Willi Apel alluded to the similarities between the primal chants and the cantillation formulae of the Yemenite Jews. It is interesting that the formulae for the Roman Canon; the "Crucem tuam" of Good Friday, the Gloria, Sanctus & Agnus Dei of Mass I "Lux et Origo" for Easter and the Easter morning Introit "Resurrexi" are all Mode IV. The Responsory formulae, which many scholars believe to be among the most ancient chants, provide more finals for Tone IV than any other. These things lead me to ponder the theory that the formulae for Tone 4 may be among the most ancient.

I understand that Janet Whitaker, music director of Corpus Christ Church in Oakland will be the cantor/ psalmist.

The entire psalm can be found here:

Psalm 95 Venite.pdf

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