Day 11


I figure it is about time I finished this little journal.

Day 11 was the beginning of my last weekend in Rome. I had been to St. Peter and St. Paul, so it was about time for me to visit the other major basilicas, St. Mary Major and St. John Lateran. These are also significant sites on any Gaspar tour.

St. Mary Major

Rome 2008 1185 b.jpg

Rome 2008 1174 b.jpg

Just around the corner from St. Mary is a little church called Santa Prassede. This place has some marvelous mosaics. It also has the relic pillar of the scourging. It was in this church that Gaspar's parents were married.

Rome 2008 1187 b.jpg

Rome 2008 1191 b.jpg

Rome 2008 1200 b.jpg

About two blocks from Santa Prassede is the Carmelite Church of San Silvestro and Martino. It was here where St. Gaspar was baptized. The font is still there along with a marble marker commemorating the occasion.

Rome 2008 1233 b.jpg

Rome 2008 1234 b.jpg

Rome 2008 1237 b.jpg

Rome 2008 1238 b.jpg

Rome 2008 1244 b.jpg

Rome 2008 1250 b.jpg

From there I walked leisurely up Via Merulana toward the Basilica of St. John Lateran. It was here that St. Gaspar was ordained to the Diaconate. The place was jammed with young people. It was during World Youth Day and the Roman young people who did not travel to Australia gathered for a rally here and were watching a live feed from Australia.

Rome 2008 1258 b.jpg

I need a sign like this for our church:

Rome 2008 1260 b.jpg

Rome 2008 1265 b.jpg

Rome 2008 1270 b.jpg

Because of the crowds I did not stay long at the Lateran, so decided to head down the street to visit Santa Croce. I am standing waiting for the light, when I catch sight of someone across the street who looks vaguely familiar. As he crosses the street toward me I recognize Don Gennaro, our former Vice Moderator. He was out for a walk since this is not very far from our House at Via Narni.

Rome 2008 1271 b.jpg

Santa Croce is where the relics of the Holy Cross are kept. It was here that St. Gaspar made his retreat before his ordination. His uncle was a monk of this congregation, and Gaspar preached the Lenten retreat there ten years in a row. It seems the monks were selling the fruits of their large garden while I was there.

Rome 2008 1276 b.jpg

Rome 2008 1278 b.jpg

Rome 2008 1282 b.jpg

Rome 2008 1296 b.jpg

While walking back to Lateran I decided to look for the Makkarone restaurant where we had our worst meal on New Year's of 2007. I discovered that the restaurant was no longer in business. We were thankfully never to have a meal like that in Rome again.

I made my way back to the Vatican and did the last of my gift shopping in a bookstore near where I was staying. Then Steven decided to take me to one of his favorite restaurants. It is a place called "Tony and Dinos" and it was a short walk from the Vatican. There were no menus. Steven just said, "Do what you do." They over did it. We were so full that it would have been impossible to down a main course. Well, they made sure not to let us leave until we had downed two grappas.

When we got home it was time for a Solemn High Nap.

There was not need for food the rest of the Day. Late afternoon saw the evening news on the BBC, vespers, some reading and then off to bed, apparently not without taking some more pictures.

Rome 2008 1312 b.jpg

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