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It is good to be home, yet I have some great memories of a recently concluded mission at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Camas, WA. The devotion of the people, the experience of perpetual adoration at the Parish, the choir and the people and the singing of the ordinary and most of the proper in Latin, and the Servers. I initially wondered what seven servers would be doing, but they all had something to do, they did it with military precision and a sense of devotion that was palpable.

There were five talks which I gave each morning and then repeated in the evening. Each Mission presentation was concluded with Confessions and there were many. It is a great parish. It was a joy to visit and they have much to be proud of.

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Fr. Keyes, It was a blessing to have you visit our parish. Thank you so much for all you did while you were here. Hope to see you again soon! God bless you.

Yes, thank you so much!!


To the people of St. Edwards:

Don't ever take your Pastor for granted!

Thanks again Father for everything...

About the servers, we have Fr. Lappe to thank for that. Before he came, they could barely scrape together 2 per mass. But he got things into shape, and believe it or not, people liked it better that way and wanted to serve... (I think maybe this should be a lesson to other parishes!)
Also, we have a yearly Altar Server Boot Camp which helps a lot as far as keeping servers up to date on how things are done.

You can almost sense that there's going to be vocations coming out of that Parish. Notice the plural. VocationS.

Yes, Fr. Keyes is trying to pull me into the order!!! Nice try :)

Scott, it's not Fr. Jeff pulling you....he's just "Someone's" tool.

He kept reminding us that during the mission. I think "Someone" is calling him up to reform Washington...

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