Music For Christmas, 2008

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here are the psalms I composed for the four Christmas Masses.

Music for Midnight Mass
Ad Missam in Nocte

Prelude, 11:30pm
Magnificat in G Minor, Antonio Vivaldi
Pastoral Symphony, "Pifa" from Messiah, G.F. Handel
Aria for Soprano, "Rejoice Greatly" from Messiah
Kalenda, The Great Announcement of the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, chanted in English by Fr. Keyes at the door of the Church, flanked by two acolytes with candles.

Procession to the Crèche, "O Come, All Ye Faithful"
Blessing of the Crèche, chanted in English
Reverence and Incensation of the Altar, Introit, Dominus Dixit Ad Me, Mode 2
Signum Crucis, chanted in Latin
Greeting, chanted in Latin
Fratres, agnoscamus, chanted in Latin
Confiteor, Chanted in English
Misereatur, chanted in Latin
Kyrie, Mass VIII, de Angelis
Gloria, Mass VIII, de Angelis
Collect, chanted in English
Psalm, Today is born our Savior, Chant, Mode II
Alleluia, Dominus Dixit Ad Me, Mode VIII, Ad Missam in Nocte, Graduale Romanum
Creed, recited
General Intercessions, response chanted, Te Rogamus Audi Nos
Offertory, "Laetentur Caeli: Mode IV, Ad Missam in Nocte
Recitative, "There were shepherds" from Messiah
Chorus, "Glory To God", from Messiah
Hymn, Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Sanctus, Mass VIII, "de Angelis"
Mysterium Fidei, solemn tone
Amen, chant, Mode IV
Our Father, chanted in English
Invitation to the sign of Peace, chanted in Latin
Agnus Dei, Mass VIII, "de Angelis"
Communion, "In Splendoribus" Missam ad Nocte
"Quen Vidistis, Pastores?", Psalm 92/93, chant mode II
"Angelus ad pastores ait" psalm 62/63. Mode VII
"Psalm 98: All The Ends of the Earth" Proulx
"Sleeps Judea Fair," MacKinnon
"Hodie Christus Natus Est" Mode I
"Silent Night"
Closing Hymn: "Joy To The World"
Postlude: "Noel X," d'Aquin (1694-1772)

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Holy Smokes! We had some pretty good stuff going on at our Masses, too, but I have to say I'm a little jealous looking at your list. Very nice!!


Did we even bless the creche?

Kristin is humble, Father. It was lovely. :)


I have no comment to defend our mass.

I just wonder about children and guests, about how accessible this liturgical feast is to them.

I think you would be amazed at the number of families with children who come regularly to our 10:00am Mass. I know of two home schooling families that are there all the time. Not only is it acessible, it is formative.

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