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Congratulations Bishop Allen Vigneron on his appointment as the new Archbishop of Detroit. He will be missed.

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Watch out, Jeff! There is a see near you waiting to be filled . . . and a certain C.PP.S. priest I know would make a fine bishop! And he can sing!

I was thinking something similar, Fr Mark... (although Fr Keyes would be a bit young for the episcopacy, wouldn't you?)

Save the Liturgy, Save the World!

Thanks for the compliment, Geri. But I think age does not figure into this. I was considered "too young" when I became a pastor at 40, and now it is amusing to hear at 55, I am still too young.

That being said, I have neither the education, the connections, the diocesan experience, nor the desire to ever be a Bishop. And no one is worthy. Trench work seem to be what the Lord calls me to, and some days I do it better than others. I am finally seeing some progress here at this parish, and would not want that to disappear either.

So thanks for the compliments, folks. Now, back to work.

By the way, readers, Bishop Vigneron is about Father Jeff's age, although he was a child seminarian and grew up in the system.

ummm, he is 60, and I won't be there for nearly five years.

Father if you can be described as “too” anything it would be, too humble.
I am not sure of the characteristics which best qualifies a candidate for position as a Bishop, but I can say that your work locally is truly God’s work. Perhaps you are over-qualified for a Bishop?
We enjoy having you here in the trenches. You help us understand our faith, dispel many misconceptions of the Church, and back it up with numerous resources.
As I sit, for now the third year, in St Edward’s Tuesday night faith formation (RCIA) I ask myself how can a larger community benefit from fathers message? Coming soon to a parish near you!
We are blessed with your charisma, knowledge and dedication. Oh! And you’re a S.F. Giants fan.
Class has ended for this Tuesday and now I am sent.

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