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"But how is Jesus to be imitated? Look at him for just a short while. As an example to us, he is obedient to Joseph and to Mary and lives in the humblest of homes. He is employed in manual labor, shows himself to be a model of silence and is withdrawn from the world, a benefactor to all." …Seek, then, to be of service to the Society and respect the will of the Creator in his creatures. No task is menial if it tends to glorify the Almighty. On the contrary, your work is similar to that of Jesus Christ who aided his foster father, St. Joseph. Purity of intention alone is necessary for you to properly regulate your interior and exterior actions. Realize, too, that a hidden and humble life is a special shield against vanity and human glory."

From the Third Circular Letter

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One of the things I want to do this Lent is to return to making the Letters of St. Gaspar del Bufalo available on the internet for study and research. I am more than half finished and there are other documents and letters that can be uploaded after that.

Since St. Gaspar wrote many letters of Spiritual Direction there are many gems among the letters. Of course many of the letters are administrative in nature and only interesting from a historical perspective. It can be a bit boring to hear him speaking of sending books here or there, opening missions, sending stipends, or selling this or that. But occasionally there is a gem to be found among the administrative details.

One such gem was found in Letter 2598 written September 20, 1833 to Mother Maria Nazzarena De Castris:

You should remain calm, very, very calm concerning the past as well as your present status. Think no more about something that ought no longer to be remembered. God wishes to have acts of love. So, let us strive to love the one who loves us so very much. May the Heart of Jesus be the center of our lives, our mystical cell, our ark of refuge. If Jesus puts himself out in search of sinners, can you imagine that he would not seek and love the person who is faithful to him?

I find this helpful because I often encounter people in the confessional who are confessing again past sins that they have previously confessed, but about which they are still feeling some guilt.

The new letters uploaded today can be found here:

Letters 2501-2550
Letters 2551-2600
Letters 2601-2650
Letters 2651-2700
Letters 2701-2750

All of the letters can be found here.

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The Holy Cross is the mystical ladder to heaven, the cathedral of truth, the tree of life, under whose shadow we are to find rest in the peacefulness of the just.

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God draws straight with crooked lines. That really should be the title of my life story. There have been so many twists and turns in my life that it is enough to say that I am sticking around to see what is next.

It has been eight months since the demise of the province to which I belonged and in which I made my life long commitment. Many times since then I have asked the question, “why am I here?” or “why do I stay?”

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With today's Gospel it seem fitting to recall the tremendous gift prayer is. Gaspar would remind us that we accomplish everything through prayer; it is our anchor and our key to heaven.

"Let us offer prayers and let us become saints." 1820

"The more one prays, the more good can be done." 1821

"Let us develop everything by the use of prayer." 1821

"Prayers, and we shall see what the will of God is." 1823

"I prefer to pray than to speak" 1824

"Let us give life to everything through prayer, fons omium bonorum." 1825

"The fire of love which is acquired through prayer..." 1826

"...for everything comes about through prayer." 1827

"All is to be decided through prayer." 1831

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