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One of the things about moving is that it is a trip down memory lane. Many files and papers get tossed. I think I have filled the dumpster once. Half the boxes in storage have been emptied and flattened. But then there are the pictures. I do not ever remember throwing away a picture. I think I have four boxes full.

Here is one I came across today:

It was taken May 17, 1991 before my ordination as a Deacon. It was held at St. Edward Church where I am to become Pastor on August 1st.

When I was a seminarian for the Diocese of Oakland, I was assigned to a year of Pastoral Internship. That was in 1978 and it was at St. Edward. The Pastor was Ricardo Chavez, a Diocesan Priest.

After I left the seminary and worked as a Music Minister, I was employed for four years as Director of Music for Parish and School at St. Edward. That was 1984-88. The Pastor was Marvin Steffes, CPPS.

Since ordination I have preached Missions and Retreats all over this country and in four other countries. In 1999 I preached a Parish Mission at St. Edward. The Pastor was Jeffrey Finley, CPPS.

In 2002 I was invited to give a Evening of Reflection as part of a series of six evenings on Precious Blood Spirituality. The series was designed to invite people to consider being Precious Blood Companions. The series was held at St. Edward.

On August 1, 2004 I become Pastor of St. Edward Parish.

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That's a nice photo. In addition, we've had a couple of other CPPS Pastors in between Marvin Steffes and Jeff Finley that sustained the CPPS presence here since the late 70s. I'm glad that will continue with your impending arrival. Since you're not looking to make big changes right away when you get here, maybe you can start with small ones and get rid of the 's on some of the signs around the parish like the one in the photo. See 'ya soon.

Hi Dan, good friend. It will be such a pleasure to be around you and your family again. What fond memories!

I had never noticed that 's.

You are invited to get a bid. We will do it on August 2.

I see the possessive is also on the web site. tsk. tsk.

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