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I was a bit shocked to see that my post on the Holy Father had 188 comments. Nothing I have ever said got that many posts. Then I was even more saddened to discover many were being mean and disrespectful. Certainly there were a few kind words there, but I simply did not have time to read 188 messages before this evening's mass. So I deleted them all.

To those who had the audacity to enter into my home and my blog and shout obscenities about this man who is truly a saint, you are forgiven, but you are challenged to find in yourselves some human dignity. It was sorely absent in you today.

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Yeah, the poor hurtin' souls are comin' out today.

I think they really recognize in the Pope a role model, but because of the pains and hurts of life, they weren't able to accept the good that he offered to them.

So now he's passed on, and they feel the distress of the unresolved relationship.

I found this site Father. It's about Pope John and I thought you might like to se it or share it with your followers.

Father I am so very sorry that you deleted the emails, as I truly feel that so many were sincere and thoughtful. They were inspirational and humbling. Those few that were disrespectful were looking for a reaction and you gave it to them. Keep those people all of them were inspirational and compassionate. It was a way for them to ease the pain they felt for the passing of the Pope and a way to communicate with other loving Christians. WE all just clicked on the wrong blog. For those that didn't behave~ shame on them. For those that posted sincere thought~ May God bless you ... they were all so beautiful and respectful. Pope John Paul appreciates all those loving thoughts. You will be rewarded for your kindess.


Let me first start by letting you know that when I clicked on the link on the first page of Aol. I was under the understanding that this was a site to post views on the Pope. I don't have the same religious views as you do. But I do Love The Lord. I just don't think that you can get your sins forgiven from a man. The Bible says only thru Jesus Christ our sins are forgiven. The Bible doesn't say anything about praying to "saints"! If I had looked further on this site... I would have realized that it was not a site to debate... rather a site to honor the man. And for that I am sorry. As far as it goes the Pope was a good man for his views on Abortions and Gay Marriage. May God Bless You All

Asking a saint in Heaven to pray for you isn't something strange, Dora: it's like asking any Christian brother or sister to pray for you. If you pray for someone, or a saint in Heaven prays for someone, that doesn't diminish Christ the one redeemer of mankind!

They have the benefit of being in Heaven and seeing our Lord face-to-face, though, so they're probably in a good position to pray in accord with God's will for our sanctification.

Hope this helps!

The Son of Man still has authority on earth to forgive sins, as Jesus insisted, and Jesus said to us "whose sin you forgive, they are forgiven."

So Dora, it is time for you to read the whole bible.

Dora, I will pray for you, and I will pray to the saints in heaven to pray for you too.

Since you know NOW that this is not a site for you to air your contrarian views, even if the first time was a mistake, why would you post MORE of your contradicitons of what you seem to be perfectly aware of are Catholic doctrines?

Frankly, it seems disingenuous.

I will pray for you. John Newman seems like the right person for whose intercession to pray in your case.


Others just could not accept that a man as extraordinary and as good as Pope John Paul II could ever walk this earth. Specially in our own time.

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