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February 14, 2008

On Retreat


I will be away for awhile, preaching a retreat for some Carmelite Hermits. I must say that this is probably the most unique invitation I have ever received. They have asked that the focus be on the Eucharist. They will probably get a heavy dose of a saint they have never heard of before, St. Gaspar del Bufalo, but I also made a point to include a pit of John of the Cross in the reflections.

The topics for the week will be as follows:

1.John and Cana
2.Paul and Precious Blood
3.Luke, Prodigal Sons and Fatted Calves
4.Matthew, Multiplication of the Loaves
5.Emmaus and the Liturgy
6.Intimacy an the Eucharist, John of the Cross, Song of Songs, Book of Revelation
7.Holy Thursday
8.Good Friday
9.Holy Saturday
10.The Easter Mystery

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February 9, 2007

Prayers please!

...for all the couples who are on the Retrouvaille weekends this weekend.

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February 13, 2006


How I spent this weekend.

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September 28, 2005

A liturgy planners defense

"everything in the liturgy on Friday has been reviewed and blessed by the Bishop's office."

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It's official. I was sent the plans for the opening and closing liturgies for the ICM. The opening hymn for the Opening Liturgy is a Haugen Classic that is all about us. It might be about the effect that God has on the Almighty US, but it is not about God or addressed to God.

The Closing Liturgy begins with some outright heresy. I am not trying to judge Hanh or Buddhists. They have a certain dignity and right to their beliefs. This, however has no place in the Liturgy.

From the writings of Thick Nhat Hanh:
“Our true home is in the present moment,
To live in the present moment is a miracle.
The miracle is not to walk on water.
The miracle is to walk on the green earth in the present moment,
To appreciate the peace and beauty that are available now.
Peace is all around us-
In the world and in nature-
And within us-
In our bodies and our spirits.
Once we learn to touch this peace,
We will be healed and transformed.�

Just for beginners, our true home is in heaven. And the walking on water was a significant moment revealing that Jesus is God. In this liturgy, however, we are invited to find truth within, and so are invited to deny or ignore the revealed living Word that is Jesus the Christ, the living Son of God.

Oh, that's right, it is is Sunday liturgy. I will have to go look and see if they included the Creed.

[UPDATE] The Creed is part of the liturgy plan, and the Hanh quote has just been added to my homily.

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September 27, 2005

Retrouvaille ICM

I will be a way for a few days at the Incernational Council Meeting for Retrouvaille.

I may get an opportunity to blog from the Hotel, but it will be very busy. Pray for me as I have to endure (must be time for penance) a modern liturgy prepared by some expert liturgists. These have been pretty delightful conventions but I have always found the liturgy dreadful, especially the ones where I am the presider.

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May 3, 2005

On the Road St. Louis. I will be back on Thursday night. Computer is staying home, so no email. It is a PBLC-HRI meeting.

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March 12, 2005

Ohio Basketball

It seems that preaching a mission in Ohio means an introduction to the Sports culture of the Midwest. Everytime I have preached a mission in Ohio, the local team has won a state championship.

Last year it was the Girls basketball team.

This year it seems that the boys team is on their way. Last Night they won the regional championship game and now are on their way to the State semi-finals.

The first time I preached a mission in Ohio was back in '93 in Girard, OH. The mission started on the night that the Girard Boys Basketball team won the State Championship.

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March 3, 2005

Mission 2005

I leave in the morning for Minster, OH, with stops along the way in Chicago and Columbus. There I will be preaching a Lenten Parish Mission. Last year I preached a mission about Precious Blood Spirituality and Reconciliation

This year it is a Mission called "Faith and Covenant" and each night will address and proclaim the following topics:

Jesus, The Lord
We return to our roots as Followers of Jesus, the Son of God who has united himself with every human being, raising our human nature to an incomparable dignity, and drawing the body of Christ, the Church into intimate communion with God.

Mary, Model of Faith and Charity

It was from Mary and from the Church that Christ came; and from Mary and from the Church Christ has still to come for those who have never known him.

Peter, Faltering Faith and Faithful Companion
Whether in times of Transfiguration or moments of Agony, Peter is there speaking for us. He is a model both for daring proclamation and for faltering faith. But Jesus has prayed for him that when Peter turns back, he would strengthen his brothers and sisters.

Eucharist and Covenant
“I have come to my garden, my sister, my bride; I gather my myrrh and my spices, I eat my honey and my sweetmeats, I drink my wine and my milk. Eat, friends; drink! Drink freely of love!” (Song of Songs 5:1)

On the last night each person will recieve a small pocket Mission cross as a memento of the mission. (pictured above)

The parish mission will be at St. Augustine Church, Minster, OH.

I obtained the little pocket crosses from here.

The parish Mission here at St. Edward preached by Fr. Bill Nordenbrock, CPPS was a great success. The people were quite pleased and happy at tonight's reception.

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February 18, 2005

Prayers Please

I will be at The Retrouvaille weekend in Oakland, CA. We have 32 couples coming. I am sure they would appreciate your prayers.

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January 3, 2005

Marriage Help

Can This War-Weary Marriage be Saved?

The New York Times had an article on the work necessary to save marriages among the soldiers. They could have saved a whole bunch of money if they had heard about Retrouvaille.

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October 31, 2004

Prayer Request

I received this request today:

Dear Fr. Jeff,

Please ask your blog friends of St. Gaspar to pray for the couples who will be attending the San Francisco Retrouvaille program which begins the weekend of Nov. 5-7, 2004. If they wish to send e-mails directly, they can do so to:

Retrouvaille at aol dot com

Also, prayers for the presenting team are certainly appreciated, too.

Thank you.

Dave & Maria Elena
Tony & Lolette
Kevin & Sara
Fr. Luke

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October 23, 2004

Old times

Front: Bro. Michael Suazo, CSSP, an Fr. Michael White, CSSP. Back: Fr. George Healy, CSSP, Fr. Jeff Keyes,CPPS, Fr. Tom Byrne, CSSP, Fr. Mike Grey, CSSP.

Back in 1971 when I joined the Holy Ghost Community in Texas, Frs. Healy and Byrne were the young vocation directors. Now they are both in the late 60's. Bro Michael was in my class, we entered on the same day back in August 1971. Mike Grey was a year ahead of us. He is their current provincial. Mike White was a freshman when we were seniors. He is a campus minister in San Diego and is their former provincial.

I was with the CSSP community from August 1971 to March 1976. It is that experience I point to when I say, "Oh, will the 70s ever end?"

My first contact with the community since departing was April 2002. It was quite a surprise when I was asked to preach their community retreat. The topics focused on the Paschal Mystery, Reconciliation, and the renewal of priestly life. The whole week was a healing grace for many of us.

The rector from the formation house back then has passed away. May God grant him eternal rest.

I am home from the retreat, a bit tired but ready to welcome our Moderator General on his visitation. We celebrate the Feast of St. Gaspar at this weekend's Masses.

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October 21, 2004

The Retreat Ends

The C.S.Sp. Retreat ends this evening. The men were most gracious and welcoming. Their lay associates, and their candidates and novices were very affirming. All in all, it was fun being in their company. The last conference is over. Next is Evening prayer and dinner, and the closing session at night prayer.

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October 20, 2004

The Retreat

The retreat is going well. The talks have been well recieved. The community spirit is impressive. There are priests and brothers here in this province from North America and Canada, Vietnam, Haiti, and Tanzania. The men from Vietnam sang a beautiful hymn to Mary in Vietnamese at today's liturgy.

Yesterday I met and had a good conversation with a fellow blogger. He is known by several Spiritans and so it was a good time for him to make connections with the community again. It was a pleasant and gracious encounter and it is good to know that there are many wonderful people in this world of blogging.

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October 17, 2004

On the road again

It is the life of a Missionary of the Precious Blood. I will be in Houston, TX preaching a retreat for Priests. I will return next Saturday.

I will be preaching at Mass every day and there will be six main conferences along with the times for prayer and adoration.

“Life’s Mysteries”
1. The Prodigal Returns, The Journey to Jerusalem
2. The Entrance into the Holy City
3. Celebrating The Mysteries of the Table
4. The Book of the Cross, and the Shattered Horizon
5. Stepping into the Light
6. The Spirit and the Blood Agree

More than 30 years ago I belonged to that community. I left in 1976. I will be preaching to former classmates and former professors, quite a daunting task.

A few dates to keep in mind:

October 21 is the Feast of St. Gaspar del Bufalo
October 26 is my anniversary of ordination (1991)

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October 9, 2004


The Bishop's website is featuring an article about Retrouvaille which features Jeff and Donna Heusler. Jeff, Donna and I serve as the International Coordinating Team for Retrouvaille.

Jeff and Donna Heusler

The article is here.

Two things to note about the article: First, they consistently misspell Jeff and Donna’s last name. They are the Heuslers, not the Henslers. Secondly, they present a link to Retrouvaille that does not work. They have an extra space they need to take out.

Otherwise it is a great article. Jeff and Donna are wonderful people with a great story of healing and reconciliation.

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September 27, 2004

on the road to Ft. Worth for the Retrouvaille International Council meeting. I will be back October 4th.

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July 22, 2004

On the road again

I leave in the morning for Cincinnati. Prayers appreciated for the Retrouvaille community there. Members of the International Board are attending their community meeting.

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July 15, 2004

Prayers Requested

It is Retrouvaille time again. I believe this is the eighth weekend I have done since the first of the year. I will be on the Retrouvaille Weekend in Houston.

Please pray for the couples seeking healing in their marriages this weekend. The program will be presented in the following cities this weekend:

Ft. Worth Wichita Kansas City Houston

God, our Father,

Each Friday we recall the day when your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, suffered his passion and death for us, your sons and daughters. We gather today on this Friday as Retrouvaille weekends are beginning, seeking to assist couples who are suffering serious conflict.

Look down on your people in their moments of need, for you alone are the source of peace. Your Son suffered and died for them. Please see in their faces the pain of your Son. .As you strengthened him, so help them to work through their pain by trusting that you, Heavenly Father, will enable them to accept their pain and work toward their reconciliation, so that their Friday will be followed by a Sunday of hope leading to final victory.

Please use the teams as your instruments to bring about your holy will, through the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit. The love you offer always exceeds the furthest expression of our human longing, for you are greater than the human heart. Direct each thought, each effort of this weekend, so that the limits of our faults and weaknesses may not obscure the vision of your glory or keep us from the peace you have promised.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

St. Joseph, Pray for us!

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May 23, 2004


The highlight of the recently finished International Board of Directors Meeting of Retrouvaille International was Saturday morning when Bishop Vigneron of the Diocese of Oakland came to celebrate the Eucharist with us.

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May 14, 2004

This weekend

....I will be away at a Retrouvaille weekend in Rockford, IL. Prayers appreciated for all the couples.

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May 9, 2004

Precious Blood Parish Mission

Check out the new website.

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April 21, 2004

Old Kneelers

The renovation at St. John's is progressing rather nicely. It will be beautiful and I hope to see it when it is finished. You may remember that I preached a lenten mission there recently surround by dust and scafolding. It was fun. I posted pictures of the Grand Mural Arch in the parish. Anyway, it seems their kneelers are making the news.

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April 20, 2004

Holy Cards

Holy Cards see a resurgence in popularity I have a huge supply of St. Gaspar Holy cards. Anybody want some?

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April 14, 2004

More Prayers Needed

Retrouvaille is probably the church's best kept secret. I would recommend it to any married couple. I am amazed at how much it has helped me as a priest. You do not have to be in trouble, either as a priest or as a married couple, although it is designed primarily for them. But if you are a married couple with any communication difficulties or problems, this is the place for you.

April 16-18,2004, Retrouvaille weekends are being held in the following places:

Pittsburg, PA Atlanta, GA Orlando, FL Venice, FL Cleveland, OH Houston, TX, Hartford, CT St. Paul, MN (Multi-denominational) Twin Cities, MN Delaware, Valley, PA Birmingham, AL Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Dubuque, IA Herndon, VA Ft. Worth, TX

I will be working the weekend in Herndon. If you post any promises of prayers here, I will have them printed out and on display for the couples.

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April 2, 2004


Here is a description and some pictures of the Grand Arch Mural at St. John's Parish in Whiting where we just completed a parish Lenten Mission.

The Mural that graces the Grand Arch of the church traces the roots of the Catholic faith; first in the Slovak people in Europe and then to America and to the parishioners of Saint John the Baptist Parish.

The center and focus of the Mural is Jesus, the Lamb of God. The Lamb is shown as described in the Book of the Apocalypse with the seven seals, blood flowing from its side, surrounded with the bright rays of heavenly light. The Lamb, the source of life, is placed in the center of the Tree of Life. The tree's golden branches wind themselves around and in between the various scenes uniting the entire mural with their life-giving embrace. Beneath the Tree is the Fount of Grace, a spring representing the seven Sacraments whose flowing waters, like the branches, provide life-giving nourishment.

Standing at the right of the Tree of Life is Saint John the Baptist, the patron saint of our parish. He is robed in a purple cloak and crude under-garment of penance. As Saint John spent his life preparing the world for Jesus, so he now stands pointing to Jesus, the Lamb of God, the Savior of the world.

To the left of the Tree of Life is Saint Andrew, traditionally known as the apostle of the East and Patron of the Slovak peoples. At his side is the "X" shaped cross of his martyrdom, since known as the Saint Andrew's cross. Vested in green and white robes, with book in hand, Saint Andrew is honored as the first apostle for all Christians of the East.

To Saint Andrew's right and below him are two brothers, the two Apostles of the Slovak people of the ninth century, Saints Cyril and Methodius. About them are grouped the various peoples of Slavic origin to whom Saints Cyril and Methodius brought not only the Catholic faith, but also their own written language and culture. Saint Methodius is vested in the severe brown and white garb of the monk with cord cincture and a huge double barred cross.

Though both were bishops, it is Cyril who is vested in the golden chasuble, white alb and the traditional headgear. To the rear stands a mountain fortress. Kneeling at the feet of the saints is a man whose name is Hlinka. He was a Slovak leader who lived in the 1940's. He represents the ancient spirit alive in the modern defenders of the faith and patriotism of the Slovak people.

Below these Saints is Saint Gaspar del Bufalo, apostle of the Precious Blood and founder of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. Precious Blood Missionaries have since ministered to the people of Saint John the Baptist parish when Father John Kostik, a member of the Community, became pastor of the parish in 1927. Saint Gaspar was an effective preacher of missions and retreats. He is pictured holding a huge mission cross he took with him on all missions and retreats. The figures surrounding Saint Gaspar represent some of the hardened sinners, outlaws and bandits whom he converted.

The last scene depicts the Slovak prince Pribina and the Slovak people accepting the faith preached by Saint Cyril (in chasuble and traditional head gear). In the distance are the famous Tatra Mountains of Slovakia. The simple church is similar in structure to the original Saint John the Baptist church in Whiting.

Looking back at the Tree of Life and to the right is the American scene. First is the patron of our parish, Saint John the Baptist, mentioned above. Next to him is the sainted Jesuit missionary and discoverer, Father Jacques Marquette whose travels brought him to our region on his historic mission to the Indians. In the background is the lake, which the French called Lake Illinois, now Lake Michigan.

Below Father Marquette is Father Francis Brunner, a member of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, who brought the Missionaries of the Precious Blood to the United States in 1844. Father Brunner is preaching to the residents of the Ohio farmlands. In the distance is a body of water and a steamboat, symbols of his epic journeys across the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of New Orleans, and up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Just below Father Brunner is Father Furdek, organizer of many Slovak societies and Fraternal Orders in the United States. He is presenting a charter of foundations to one of the parish's families.

Finally, there is Father Benedict Rajcany, the first pastor of Saint john parish. With the first Saint John Church in the background, he is looking out into the future at the growing success of the parish. To the rear is the industrial complex, previously called Standard Oil Company, now the British Petroleum Company. About Father are parishioners of various ages representing the many who built and continue to make up the parish of Saint John the Baptist family.

The Mural is the result of much study and work of a Chicago artist, Ludwig Scheuerle. The Mural was blessed and dedicated April 27, 1947, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Parish.

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April 1, 2004

North, South, East and West

The life of a missionary is rich indeed. I get to meet so many wonderful people . One treasure today is a note a young boy gave me at the close of the mission. It is drawn in gold and red and the inside says, "I never knew learning more about God would be fun!"

The first three months of this year I have traveled to Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Missouri, California, Arizona, Ohio and Indiana with the message of healing and reconciliation found in the Most Precious Blood of Christ.

Today it is home in Illinois with a pile of mail and bills. I need a secretary, but alas, cannot afford one.

Today I booked flights to Washington, DC, and to Oakland, CA, both to take place before the end of this month.

If there are any married couples who would like to experience the miracle of Retrouvaille in Herndon, VA the week after Easter, it is time to get your registrations in now.

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March 31, 2004


Ahhhh....It is finished. It was a wonderful experience for me and the people were most affirming. The singing was inspiring and the choir is a real blessing. Thanks, Geri, for all your hard work. Diane was such a trooper with the kids and the children's presence each night was truly exciting for me. I will post some pictures soon.

Now it is on to Holy Week. May the blessings of the recent mission remain and continue to inspire. Thanks, God, for everything.

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March 30, 2004


Ok, it melted my heart. Can you imagine the emotion when a 10 year old says to you, "I just want to thank you for the best confession of my life."

Every mission brings its own joys. But this one ranks up there with the best.

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March 28, 2004

Mission Opens

at St. John the Baptist, Whiting Indiana. It was a wonderful night. The Parish Mission team is exceptional. Geri, an occasional commenter on this blog, is a wonderful music director. The Choir this morning was stunningly beautiful.

Prayers for the mission would be appreciated. Even with unrelenting rain we had a good crowd.

Y'all come to night two, Monday at 7:00pm

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March 27, 2004

St. Gaspar watch over me!

The parish here in Whiting is undergoing some renovation. It is going to be beautiful when it is done. The picture is a detail from the arch over the sanctuary.

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Mission Cross

An ancient tradition begun by St. Gaspar, a mission cross is erected in the churches where the mission is preached. The first mission listed in The Minster Mission Cross is 1854, obscured by the flash. The last one was 1991 before this one in 2004.

Fr. Louis Schmidt, CPPS, Pastor, Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, CPPS, Mission Preacher, and Fr. Mark Armstrong, Associate Pastor.

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March 26, 2004

Next Mission

I am home in Chicago, briefly. Tomorrow we start a new mission at St. John the Baptist Parish, Whiting, IN. There will be a team of preachers for this mission with Precious Blood Companion, Gerry Downs joining the team.

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March 25, 2004

Some sadness

Well, it was a delightful mission. I really do not want to leave. Here is a house where the missionaries pray the office together every day. What an inspiration! And the choir! This is an absolutely wonderful mens's schola, and they have a wonderful buliding to sing in. Amy, their director is very charming and a joy to work for. Jane, the Director of Adult Formation and her team are an inspiration to watch. The humor in the house, well. aside from a couple of good groaners it is fun to laugh, and this place smiles. Well, in the morning after Mass I have to pack the car and head back to Chicago. Just like Gilbert, AZ, I am a bit sad about leaving. The people were very affirming about the preaching. I wish I could cart them off to my new parish. May the church always have such faithful people.

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Parishioner at St. Augustine Parish called me this morning to pay me this compliment.

Listening to your homily last night was like trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant

The night before he said I hit another home run out of the park.

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March 24, 2004

St. Augustine, Minster

What to's a wonderful mission. It was an inspirational evening. The music was stunning, and yes, I am exhausted. More later.

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March 22, 2004

Congrats to the Champs!

The Minster Girls High School Team wins the Division IV Ohio State Championship.

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What a Night!

...amd what a day, too. What a great parish, and such neat people. What faith! What singing! The church was getting crowded. We figure conservatively that there was at least 500 people there. I love it when people hear things I do not say, but God tells them strongly to begin working on things. It is absolutely exciting to hear confessions at a mission. Sometimes, I am constantly amazed at how exciting, enriching, humbling, exhilarating it is to be a priest. Jesus is still multiplying the loaves.....

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8:00am Mass
10:00am Mass
11:30am Mass
1:00 High School Students
3:00 Married Couples and Engaged Couples
7:00 High School and Young Adults

Yep, just a little tired today, but a good kind of tired. This is a great parish.

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March 21, 2004


Greetings from Minster, Ohio.

This is the only second time I have preached a Lenten Mission in Ohio. The last time was was in Girard, OH back in 1992 at St. Rose of Lima Parish. The Saturday and Sunday of the Mission was conjoined with a celebration of the Boy's Basketball Team from Girard High School that won the State Championship on that Saturday night. Well it is happening again. The Minster High School Girl's Basketball Team won the Division IV State Championship last night, and the whole town is awash in celebration.

Well, it is Laetare Sunday, a time for joy, and that joy in Redemption is mixed with a joyful village proud of their Basketball team.

That must be the ticket. If you want your High School in Ohio to win a State Championship, just invite me to preach the parish mission. (grin)

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