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In spirit and in truth: it means that what we use for liturgy should have a certain dignity. My predessors had different gifts. Liturgy was not something they paid a lot of attention to.

Some of the things that have disappeared recently:

1. fake lectionary, we have real books now.
2. fake trees, statues stand there now.
3. fake altar candles
3. fake advent wreath
4. fake advent candles

Blue banners and vestments, with a horrid pink trim, remain in the closets. One regular commenter here will probably criticize the fact that I have a simple violet chasuble with elegant violet and gold overstole. Vestments are a future project. I spent a great deal of money on those vestments several years ago and they are still in beautiful condition.

The Church now has a crucifix. The processional crucifix which is used every Sunday had its stand fixed and it now stands in the sanctuary during liturgy.

In the closets we had some old chalices and ciboria badly in need of refinishing. They all left last Sunday to be refinished. A parishioner is donating the work.

So, progress is being made, and we are not spending a great deal of money yet. I am still in the process of wrestling the budget to the ground. Pray that we get it balanced by Saturday. That, at least, is the current goal.

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Praise God. He is providing!

Looks like you have a good start! Do you have any pictures that are closer? Also, since your predecessors weren't so liturgically concerned, I'm sure you've had your share of musical disagreements; how has that been going?

Great job removing the fake stuff! One of the major definitions of insanity is the lack of contact with reality, as in REAL. Ultimate question of philosophy is "What is real?" Big problem for all of us in this crazy faux world. Glad you got real. Your new parish will be healthier for it.

Great job removing the fake stuff! One of the major definitions of insanity is the lack of contact with reality, as in REAL. Ultimate question of philosophy is "What is real?" Big problem for all of us in this crazy faux world. Glad you got real. Your new parish will be healthier for it.

the play on the word "real" gives me pause.

I'm not in favor of faux anything in the other parts of my life, I don't even really like silk plants and flowers, so I "get it" immediately when it comes to liturgy. But when I visit the homes of many of our parishioners, their home altars almost always fave fake flowers, complete with the fake drops of moisture.

Will the parishioners "get it," I wonder, or will they just endure it during one particular pastorate?

Wow you have a lot of followers! Im Impressed... not suprised. The picture is different considering thats my church since I was two years old.So in the thirtynine years that I have attended this church, you have changed things quickly.(For grat reasons)The picture is of great value to me because its almost where my seed was planted,I was Baptized at St Clements in Hayward Ca. But I always came Home to St Edwards, thers no place like home,, #15 (soccer)

Great, but surely an "over-stole" is not liturgically correct. The GIRM is clear that the stole is worn under the chasuble.

Hi Joe. You must be new around here. It is taken for granted that the new ruling of the GIRM is the norm and is correct. But long standing practice before the ruling is permitted to stand, especially in this Diocese where the Bishop has delayed the implementation of the GIRM. Correct vestments will be be purchased when the money is available. They need to be dignified and worthy of the liturgy. For each color the cost will be somewhere between $800 to $1500. Total cost will be somewhere around $8000.

Considering the the budget is a deficit budget of $150,000, we will follow St. John Chrysostom's rule here. We take care of the needs of the people before the finery of the altar.

As I said before, anyone who wishes to complain about the correct implementation of the liturgy must first offer to pay for it. Any other complaints about the liturgy's proper implementation from henceforth will be deleted.

Sweet Louise!
Is that $258 for a STOLE?

Hi Father. I guess I'm only 'new' in the sense that I've not posted a comment before. I read your Blog regularly and admire what you are doing. I wasn't complaining about the stole, merely commenting. So I hope you weren't offended.

Here in the UK we have to suffer all sorts of liturgical abberations, and the use of an 'over-stole' is often taken more as a political statement against the liturgy - a fashion, or fad - rather than a neccesity for an incoming orthodox priest because there is nothing more fitting available. In many cases here, money is not the issue - at least where spending it on liturgically incorrect garb and furniture is concerned.

God Bless all your efforts. I wish I was in a position to assist financially. In Domino Nostro.

Thanks Joe, No, I was not offended, just a bit defensive. I believe I am doing my best around here considering what I have for "traditions" here.

I'm an owner of a Catholic online gift shop - let me know if you need anything. I don't have the funds to give it away free, but I can get you some great things at cost. Always glad to help.

God bless,

Statues are good!

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