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The Passion

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In praying the psalm that begins with "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" Christ took on the speech of human infirmity. By taking the psalmist's voice to himself, his full humanity was visible, his complete identification with our vulnerable humanity is seen in the experience of being fully forsaken. Fully God, yet Fully human, the affections of his soul were feeling the full weight and terror of forsakenness.

He knew the care and love of the woman who bathed his feet with the expensive ointment.

He knew the weakness of friends, who could not remain awake, persisting in sleep in the face of a neighbor's tragedy.

He knew the conniving of an associate who may have thought that arrest would force Jesus to use his power.

He knew the hatred and violence of a temple and state that would exert full power over the weakest of our society.

Yet Simon, Alexander and Rufus became believers in the face of this. The Centurion makes a profession faith that "Truly this man was the Son of God!"

We know the care of friends, and the closer the friends have been we have seen as well their weakness, and we have had so-called friends that did not stand by us. And we know the power of society and government to wage a war against the truth.

But do we allow the struggles and tragedies of our lives make us doubt or turn away? No, this is when we take up the silence of Jesus who came and traveled this way for us and before us.

And now we see this cross as where our sins our destroyed, and where Jesus has turned this darkness in to light and life, we shall find this light and this life in Him, if we but belong to him and are found in him.

So let us mark this week as Holy. It is the center of our year. Let nothing else be found to be more important, because we are loath to be chasing shadows.

The centurion who came to faith had his life completely changed by this event. May it turn us too, so with him today and everyday for the rest of our lives , in whatver joy or sorrow, we acclaim, "Truly this man was the Son of God!"

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The First Friday at St. Edward takes on a solemn character. Benedictine Candles on the altar. bells and incense, Benediction and adoration that continues through the day. The program for tomorrow can be found here.

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Life With Father


Linda is a parishioner at St. Edward. She was received into the Church this past Easter, and she is a joy to have around. She is a writer, and pretty creative. She has entirely too much time on her hands and is busy swiping photos from my blog and facebook for these little videos. This morning she had me roloing on the floor laughing with this one, and even Tori barked.

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Palm Sunday

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Because RC asked for it, here is the music at St. Edward for Palm Sunday.

Opening Antiphon: "Hosanna Filio David" chant, mode 7
Blessing of Palms
Processional: "All Glory Laud and Honor" St. Theodulph
Psalm: "My God, My God" chant, mode 2
Gradual: "Christus Factus"
Preparation of the Altar

  • "Improperium" Casali (1715-1792)

  • "Stabat Mater" Pergolesi

  • "O Sacred Head"

Eucharistic Prayer: Mass XVII
Agnus Dei: Mass XVIII

  • "Pater, si non potest" mode 8

  • "No Greater Love" Joncas

Closing Procession: organ only, "Vexilla regis"

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Il Santo Padre Benedetto XVI ha nominato Vescovo di Oakland (U.S.A.) S.E. Mons. Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, finora Vescovo titolare di Natchez ed Ausiliare di San Diego.
S.E. Mons. Salvatore Joseph Cordileone
S.E. Mons. Salvatore Joseph Cordileone è nato il 5 giugno 1956 a San Diego, California. Dopo aver seguito i normali corsi di educazione primaria e secondaria, ha iniziato la sua formazione al sacerdozio frequentando i corsi filosofici nel Saint Francis Seminary a San Diego dal 1975 al 1978, e conseguendo il Baccalaureato in Filosofia presso l'Università di San Diego. Poi, dal 1978 al 1982, come alunno del Collegio Americano del Nord a Roma, ha frequentato i corsi teologici conseguendo il Baccalaureato in Teologia e, in seguito il Dottorato in diritto Canonico alla Pontificia Università Gregoriana. Oltre all'inglese conosce l'italiano, lo spagnolo e il latino.
È stato ordinato sacerdote il 9 luglio 1982 per la diocesi di San Diego.
Ha ricoperto i seguenti incarichi: Vice-Parroco (1982-1985); Segretario del Vescovo di San Diego ed Officiale del Tribunale Diocesano (1989-1991); Parroco dell'Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish" a Calexico (1991 - 1995); infine Officiale del Supremo Tribunale della Segnatura Apostolica a Roma dal 1995 al 2002. Il 15 giugno 1999 è stato nominato Cappellano di Sua Santità.
Il 5 luglio 2002 è stato eletto Vescovo Ausiliare di San Diego ed è stato consacrato il 21 agosto dello stesso anno.
Nella Conferenza Episcopale, è membro del "Committee on Canonical Affairs and Church Governance" e del "Task Force on Cultural Diversity in the Church".

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The local Diocesan newspaper has an article on our Sunday 10:00am Mass. You can read the article

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Merry Christmas

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Nine Masses today, three tomorrow. I have four of them. Started today with 5:00am Mass for Simbang Gabi, then 4:30pm Mass for Families with children, and then Midnight. Midnight will be full Missa Cantata with smells and bells. Then tomorrow I will do the Mass at Day at 10:00am, also a full Solemn High Mass, Missa Cantata.

Our Schedule:
5:00am Simbang Gabi
6:15am Lauds
6:45am Advent Mass
9:00am Advent Mass

4:30pm Vigil
6:30pm Vigil
8:00pm Ad Nocte in Spanish
10:00pm Ad Nocte
Midnight: Ad Nocte

and Christmas Day
8:00am Ad Aurora
10:00am Mass at day
11:30am Mass at Day in Portuguese

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Blessed Advent



When parishioners wished me "Happy Thanksgiving" this Sunday, I replied with "Blessed Advent." Thanksgiving Weekend is not a Liturgical Celebration, although we had a solemn Mass on Thursday with choir. But today, it is Advent.

Let us celebrate the season of Advent, and wait until Christmas to begin our Christmas celebration.

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Very Cool


The site "St. Gaspar House" has received the Fidelity Green Light Award for a site that has exhibited Fidelity to the teaching Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

This is what they list as strengths:

Homilies, articles, letters by Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S.
The History of the Province of the Pacific
The Seven Essentials of a Precious Blood Parish
Forty Days with the Cross of Christ
The Charism of St. Gaspar
in Parish Ministry and in Retrouvaille
CPPS Spirituality in the USA
On St. Gaspar
Community in the Bond of Charity
Gaspar's Mission
MInistry With The Laity is Central to our Identity
On Prayer
Lectio Divina
Novena to the Holy Spirit
Eucharistic Devotion
Morning Prayer
Precious Blood Chaplet
Seven Offerings
The Rosary
On Mary
Devotion to Mary in the Second Century Fathers
Mary, Woman of the New Covenant
Madonna of the Precious Blood
On Saints
St. Ignatius of Antioch
St. Catherine of Siena
St. John Fisher
St. John Chrysostom
St. Bernard of Clairvaux
St. Paul
The Writings of St. Gaspar del Bufalo

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The homily is here. It was the last Do This In Memory Mass of the Season, and so the first part of the homily was with some children gathered around me in front, and then after sending them back to their parents I gave the rest of the homily, total about 12 minutes.

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  one of Fr. Keyes' photos

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