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Four Masses Sunday, present at all nine, still learning spanish, school has opened, spent some time with a crying kinder, still opening boxes, the desk has arrived and slowly getting moved into, Parish Council exec team night, Faith Formation tonight, Provincial Council all day today, the other two priests are away, Sr. Jeanne is on vacation, pray for me.

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One of the big holes here at my new parish is Adult Faith Formation. They used to call it RCIA here, but I make a distinction between the education/formation program and the Rites of Initiation as they are celebrated in Church. Beside, any Catholic should be welcome and encouraged to participate, not just those who are becoming Catholic.

One of my first tasks is to form a Faith Formation Team, and then to develop the program. Does anyone have any suggestions of books that might be used as a text? Also I have developed my own list of topics, but do you have any suggestions of topics that absolutely have to be included?

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Sunday's Homily

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I will have to read the homily in spanish, but can say more, obviously, in English. It will be the second time I have presided in Spanish. The first time was last March in Phoenix. The English text is below.

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Okay, I was all packed by the end of May, and now I finally get started on the other side of the process. The crew here has been most dedicated, and the bookcases now installed and attached to the walls are quite beautiful. Finally some of the books are seeing the light of day again. Slowly but surely I will get moved in. As life returns to some normalcy, I am also sure that blogging will do the same.

The new bed arrived today also, so soon I may move from the guest room.

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First Monday

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I added a new category to the Blog: St. Edward Parish.

I have been here two weekends, and the people have been most gracious and welcoming. I have been to all the masses except for the Portuguese Mass, but will go to that in two weeks. (Next weekend I am in Chicago again)

This is my first Monday at the parish and it is time to get plugged in and moved in. I miss my books.

Today, buy a bed and some book cases, decide what to do with that ugly carpet, and clean out the room. I have a Finance comittee meeting tonight.

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