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It is a five day meeting of the Bishop with all the priests. I am leaving now, and have no idea if there is internet access there. No agenda, no schedule, no idea what we are doing.

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Yesterday we continued to observe the feast of St. Edward begun last Sunday. The celebration continues through the 22nd with the parish Feast. It is Edward's 1000th birthday, and it is the parish 125th anniversary.

We held a solemn vespers. Sam was the organist who was also celebrating a significant birthday.

It was the first appearance of our new children's choir, and they sounded delightful.

The delight for me was the experience of the first psalm, intoned by the children. The cantor was Dan Harris whom I have known for over 20 years. He is probably one of the best cantors have ever heard. Every word was crystal clear. The choir took the second half of each verse. The choir was in good form, too.

It was prayerful. It was simple, and simply beautiful.

We are going to have to have more experiences like this.

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I remember last October when I was the new Pastor here, I shared some pictures of my installation. There was one correspondant very critical of some of the pictures, as if he expected the new pastor to immediately correct the mistakes of the previous pastor. The criticisms had to do with the glass chalices and the vestments.

Well, I have been here a year now, and we have some new festive vestments, and we have new communion cups, thanks to some very generous donations.

Today we celebrated the Feast of St. Edward. We transfered the feast to the Sunday. Here are the pictures.

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At St. Edward parish, the new General Instruction on the Roman Missal applies to everyone except the Spanish mass, the Portuguese mass and the Charismatics, especially the Charismatics. Does anyone have any sugestions or advice on how to make the Charismatics pay attention to the church?

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