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I am taking a bit of a break from Parish work. I will be back February 4th. I have two masses plus Confirmation tomorrow, and I leave on Monday. I am going to Ohio. Are there any readers of this Blog near Dayton?

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Big Parish

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Today was first confession. We often refer to it as being assaulted by marshmellows. From 10:00am to Noon and then again from 1:00pm till 3:00pm; we had five priests for the first session and four for the second session. Some were so cute and adorable, even as nervous as they were, some just made me grin from ear to ear, some made me wonder where they would be in 20 years and what kind of trouble they would find themselves in; all in all it was a rich and full day as a priest. We have first confessions again in March. We will have nine first communion celebrations. Yes, we have that many children.

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Walk for Life

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I was not able to attend the West Coast Walk for Life, but several parishioners did, and I hope we can get more involved next year. This year I was at the annual Confirmation Retreat. But I was able to see many photos on various sites, and lo and behold I recognize some of our parishioners.

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Christmas memories


The joys of Christmas including singing the Mass for nine days for the Simbang Gabi, The Sung Mass for Midnight, and the wonderful generosity of this wonderful parish. It was a real joy to see Steven this season, and he and I have reflected for these days on the mysteries of the Epiphany. He first suggested preaching on the Tribus Miraculis Magnificat antiphon for today, and I chatted with him yesterday about the richness of the Hodie antiphon from this morning's Benedictus. That antiphon places all three mysteries in the context of the heavenly wedding feast. That formed the outline of this morning's homily.

Then Don Marco of Santa Croce Abbey in Rome sent me a wonderful collect for the General Intercessions which I used this morning. It summed up the homily very well. I will print it below.

Steven is seen in the picture above, a picture of the closing procession for Midnight Mass. People commented afterward what a joy it was to have two priests chanting. Steven is Fr. Steven Lopes, STD who is currently serving as the Secretary to Archbishop Levada and also is an officialis in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican. Many years ago when I was a music teacher here at St. Edward, Steven was in my fifth, sixth and seventh grade classes. He is heading back to Rome on Monday.

Happy Epiphany everyone!

Almighty and ever-living God,
bright splendour whom all the nations seek,
who, in the darkness by which we journey,
have drawn us to yourself by the light of faith;
grant that, like the Magi,
we may find your only Son,
and finding him, adore;
that like the Baptist,
we may recognize him,
and recognizing him, confess the mystery of his divinity;
that like the guests at the wedding feast,
we may taste of the sweetness of your Holy Spirit,
and tasting, yearn for the heavenly Supper of the Lamb
that you have made ready for all nations
in the kingdom where Christ is both Bridegroom and Lord,
forever and ever.
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