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Sombody had to say it.

Thanks to Fr. Daren J. Zehnle for the Link.

Graduation is on the horizon and I am currently haggling with the School over normal First Friday adoration. It will be replaced this year with an Award's Assembly on the Day before Graduation. We shall see what kind of hooting and hollering go on. I am not sure I would go as far as the Bishop in this story, but I am not sure it will ever happen again.

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Tomorrow begins the only traditional novena in the Church, the nine days between Ascension and Pentecost. Even when we transfer the Ascension to the Sunday, it is still fitting to spend this time in prayer along with Mary and the Apostles in the upper room.

I created this novena for the Charismatic Prayer group in the parish because I did not really appreciate the sometimes fundamentalist material they were using.

I borrowed the titles for each day from Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa's book "Come Creator Spirit." Then the Scriptures and prayers for each day come from various places in the Mass and the Liturgy of Hours.

Another book I would recommend would be Fr. Cantalamessa's "The Mystery of Pentecost."

I have titled the novena, "Pilgrimage Novena: Seeking the Guidance of the Holy Spirit."

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My friend Mary Jane asked, and so here is the list of music we used for the ordination this past Saturday.

Entrance Hymn: “Gather In The Banquet Hall,” text based on the fifth circular letter of St. Gaspar (1831), Tune by Fr. Keith Branson, C.PP.S.

Sprinkling Rite: Tune based on O Filii et Filiae

Gloria, Congregational Mass, John Lee

Responsorial Psalm, Psalm 116, I Will Take The Cup, musical setting by Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S.

Gospel Alleluia, O Filii et Filiae

Litany of Saints, chant

Laying on of Hands, Veni Sancte, Taize

Prayer of Consecration, Amen from Community Mass, Proulx

Vesting “Tu Es Sacerdos” (It was a choral setting And Sam will have to fill us in on the composer. They also sang another Choral Tune but I found no record of it in the program so Sam will have to fill us in.

Eucharistic Acclamations, Community Mass, Richard Proulx

Our Father, Chant

Lamb of God, Community Mass

ComuniĆ³n, “Amen, El Cuerpo de Cristo” Schiavone, and “Pan de Vida,” Hurd

Closing: “Glory Be To Jesus” by Fr. Justin Henkel, C.PP.S.

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My friend Mary Jane had some nice things to say about our music ministry.

Only yesterday I was rolling around the Internet, looking for inspiration on the role of music - and what did I find? A draft of a document on the music ministry at St. Edward. If this was written by a team, it's the most concise team-produced document I've seen in my life. Way to go, St. Edward!

Here is the document.

Actually the document was not produced by the team. It was produced by me for the team. It does not yet have universal acceptance among the team. Indeed it sometimes has significant opposition. This is why it is still considered a draft. Formation sometimes takes time and patience, and the entertainment models of our culture often still prevail.

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It sure is a busy time. Weddings are taking a bit of time, and today we had Confirmation twice. The last two weekends we had seven or eight first communion celebrations. It is all a blur right now. The stressful thing is being kind to the pagan hoarde that seems to accompany these celebrations. Can you imagine, at both celebrations of confirmation today, a cell phone went off. And one guy gets up during the Vicar General's homily to go outside to take the call!!!! I have to go practice my Spanish homily, because I have the Spanish mass tonight. Tomorrow I have three masses, one in Portuguese, plus the Men's club pancake breakfast, and it is Mother's Day. I hear Mom is coming to the early Mass tomorrow and staying for breakfast. Then we have the Spring Concert tommorrow afternoon. Then I have to pack a bag for the airplane trip. I will be in Ohio all week (so no blogging) and then back here for the ordination next Saturday.

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