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Merry Christmas

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Nine Masses today, three tomorrow. I have four of them. Started today with 5:00am Mass for Simbang Gabi, then 4:30pm Mass for Families with children, and then Midnight. Midnight will be full Missa Cantata with smells and bells. Then tomorrow I will do the Mass at Day at 10:00am, also a full Solemn High Mass, Missa Cantata.

Our Schedule:
5:00am Simbang Gabi
6:15am Lauds
6:45am Advent Mass
9:00am Advent Mass

4:30pm Vigil
6:30pm Vigil
8:00pm Ad Nocte in Spanish
10:00pm Ad Nocte
Midnight: Ad Nocte

and Christmas Day
8:00am Ad Aurora
10:00am Mass at day
11:30am Mass at Day in Portuguese

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