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Old Kneelers


The renovation at St. John's is progressing rather nicely. It will be beautiful and I hope to see it when it is finished. You may remember that I preached a lenten mission there recently surround by dust and scafolding. It was fun. I posted pictures of the Grand Mural Arch in the parish. Anyway, it seems their kneelers are making the news.

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Holy Cards

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Holy Cards see a resurgence in popularity I have a huge supply of St. Gaspar Holy cards. Anybody want some?

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Retrouvaille is probably the church's best kept secret. I would recommend it to any married couple. I am amazed at how much it has helped me as a priest. You do not have to be in trouble, either as a priest or as a married couple, although it is designed primarily for them. But if you are a married couple with any communication difficulties or problems, this is the place for you.

April 16-18,2004, Retrouvaille weekends are being held in the following places:

Pittsburg, PA Atlanta, GA Orlando, FL Venice, FL Cleveland, OH Houston, TX, Hartford, CT St. Paul, MN (Multi-denominational) Twin Cities, MN Delaware, Valley, PA Birmingham, AL Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Dubuque, IA Herndon, VA Ft. Worth, TX

I will be working the weekend in Herndon. If you post any promises of prayers here, I will have them printed out and on display for the couples.

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Here is a description and some pictures of the Grand Arch Mural at St. John's Parish in Whiting where we just completed a parish Lenten Mission.

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The life of a missionary is rich indeed. I get to meet so many wonderful people . One treasure today is a note a young boy gave me at the close of the mission. It is drawn in gold and red and the inside says, "I never knew learning more about God would be fun!"

The first three months of this year I have traveled to Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Missouri, California, Arizona, Ohio and Indiana with the message of healing and reconciliation found in the Most Precious Blood of Christ.

Today it is home in Illinois with a pile of mail and bills. I need a secretary, but alas, cannot afford one.

Today I booked flights to Washington, DC, and to Oakland, CA, both to take place before the end of this month.

If there are any married couples who would like to experience the miracle of Retrouvaille in Herndon, VA the week after Easter, it is time to get your registrations in now.

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