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Transisitions are great producers of stress. One of these days I may actually be unpacked and moved in. Did I mention that this place has 5600 families, nine masses on each weekend in three languages? Then since Thursday is my new day off, this is the second day off in a row that I have missed. It was a day for all the priests to gather and the learn than in order to comply with the Diocese's Safe Environment for Children program that all Lectors and Eucharistic ministers, ushers and choir members, indeed any volunteer is required to be screened for Megan's law. It is not just the moving that is making me feel a bit overwhelmed.

One of these days I may actually have internet access again. My little laptop has not been connected to the internet in over two months. I am at the secretary's computer which I do not get much use of during the day.

Oh, did I mention that the parish has a bit of a debt that I uncovered? No one seemed to be aware of it, not even the finance committee. It is a mere $115,000. arghhh.

Slowly but surely, I am getting moved in. I bought another bookcase today.

The people have been most gracious and welcoming. They have actually been pretty wonderful. They always seem so happy to see me. Apparently the teachers, a bit in shock, I guess, over some liturgical inovations I have imposed (we stick to the book now) are rather pleased that I am at the school every day and showing such interest in the school. ( I gave them a liturgy preparation workshop yesterday.)

One of the Baptism candidates mentioned at Adult Faith Formation last Tuesday that suddenly the music in church was beautiful (The choir started up again last Sunday.) I snuck into choir practice tonight and they were indeed sounding pretty wonderful. There is no chant on the horizon yet, but I am being patient. The music director is new and started the same day I did. It is taking us all awhile to get settled, although he seems to be doing great. We have a new Young Adult Choir that is rehearsing, and the children's choir will be starting soon.

I understand we may have a new wireless router installed on the weekend, so I am hopeful. Regular blogging will continue once I get reasonably settled.

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