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I am home, still recovering from Jet lag. Blogging will continue soon and will include some reports and pictures from a fantastic and very restful vacation in Rome. I am still trying to figure out this new MT4 stuff so it may be a while before the blog looks the way I want it to.

I am still using Internet Explorer 6.0 . The sidebar gets junked at the bottom. It looks better in Netscape and in IE 7.0

What kind of Browser do you all use, and how do things look on your computer?

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ok, some we are driving up to Umbria yesterday and I am trying to blog from my little blackberry, dificult enough as it is, and it just would not let me. It was just a collection of error messages and "page not found" messages, and the whole interface looks different, so I just give up and decide to enjoy the day. The day was wonderful, by the way. There are many reasons why this is my favorite restaurant.

Anyway, this morning I get lots of email messages asking me what happened to my blog, so I have to hunt around Rome for a real computer to take a look. Yuk!

It seems that RC has taken to migrating all these blogs to MT4 and there are a few changes. I need to get RC to use my real email adress so I can be notified of these things in advance. Hoefully we will get something akin to the old blog appearance once he has all the bugs worked out.

I will have to re-learn how to blog by blackberry. For the time being, though I am on vacation, and will be back to blogging once I return to California. I have lots of neat pics to share.

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Ah, Roma


I'm here. It has been 25 hours of travel. I am exhausted, Ready for a good night's sleep and then the pilgrimage comences.

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Stop over in Paris after more than 15 hours on this plane. I missed my conection. Adventure awaits.

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Emergency landing in Salt Lake City. Apparent medical emergency. Passenger being taken to the hospital. I offered the sacrament. If the person was Catholic but there was no need expressed.

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On my way

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Greetings from San Francisco International Airport. Vacation has finally begun. I may blog occasionally if I have the connection. Prayers for all on this pilgrimage to the tomb of the great Apostle, St Paul.

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This is just a test

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UPDATE: my Roman source reports that the Cardinal pictured is Cardinal Vallini who was the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura and has now replaced the indomitable Cardinal Ruini as Vicar of Rome.

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Video cap

A few people here at the parish watched the Eucharistic Congress while I was away, and a couple of people said they caught sight of me during some of the liturgies. Well, today I was listening to one of the homilies again on-line, and lo and behold I saw the camera in this picture and thought it might be me (I took over 700 pictures). Nope, I am the one sitting to his left, on the far right in the picture.
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July is the month of the Precious Blood. Download what Blessed John XXII said about this month and make it required reading the the day.

Download file

Continue reading for the Litany of the Precious Blood

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