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I'm Baaaack!

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Sorry for not blogging. I need to get back to this. I have been doing a lot a writing this week, but not all of it blogable. I got the insert ready for the bulletin this week, and now need to write the introduction to the parish assembly. The Season of Parish assemblies is beginning. For the next five Sunday's we are asking the parishioners opinions and suggestions on the state of the parish. The Parish Council is arranging the gathering of all the information.

I got some news today that the IRS has figured out my taxes, and I do not owe them any more after all. I sent them all my notes and files, and in the end they have agreed with everything I did.

I got my homily written and now it is being translated into Spanish for this coming weekend.

Other than that I have been busy getting things organized. All the laundry was done today, and tomorrow is the haircut. Next I need to clear off the desk and pay a few bills.

Vacation is over and it is back to work.

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Sad News

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Br. Roger of Taize is slain.

I met Br. Roger in 1995 and have read many of his books and letters. Evening Prayer at Taize was truly a memorable event. Also a time in my mind that will endure...hearing confessions in English from 3:00pm to 7:00pm and then again from 10:00pm till 2:00am. I also had the opportunity to preside at the morning Catholic Mass.

I cannot imagine the sadness at Taize at the moment. I am sure that his witness shall endure.

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Yes, I am back in California and slowly returning to life. Today was a bit of a lazy day, having gotten in so late last night. I am still on vacation, taking care of some domestic duties.

The highlights of the retreat: the incredible hospitality of the sisters, the sleep, the reading (Cassian, Evagrius and Casey), the meals (ever so Italian), the beauty of the place, and last, but not least, the opportunity to chant the liturgy each day from the Graduale Romanum and the Editio typica. (Thanks, Don Marco).

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