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Choir Formation


The Anonymous Troll has been heard from again, posting in the last comment on another post, here. My hunch now is that could be David.

Compare what he says here:

"I realize that things always change and I, too, should understand and recognize the diversity in Liturgy, including your view."

Compare that with this remark from the first chapter of Crouan's book:

"whereas the Church demands adherence to the official liturgical books that were published following the Council, which logically should lead to unity in the manner of celebrating the Eucharist, one discovers that there are as many ways of carrying out the liturgical rites as there are churches or celebrants."

It only goes to show that the product of the poor leadership which the choir has been subject to the last 11 years has produced very poor liturgical formation. Certain cultural diversity is always to be understood, but the liturgy is the liturgy, and I do not get to make it up as I go along. We are supposed to be changed by our immersion in the liturgy, we are not supposed to change the liturgy according to our own likes and dislikes. I do not believe in a liturgy that get to be revised according to the tastes and expectations of a local community. The Liturgy has an unchanging character which is the mark of its authenticity and sacredness. (see Crouan)

The choir has been its own self-contained small community for such a long time. It will be a while before we can form them into a parish choir. It will take patience and openness. Simply departing because things do not go as wanted or expected is not adult behavior, nor does it speak to faithfulness or dedication to community. We simply cannot be Catholic on our own terms.

This will not be my liturgy, or my version of it. It is my hope that it will be faithful to what the church has asked. It will be, first of all, the Lord's Liturgy, the Roman Liturgy, the Church's Liturgy, and the local Bishop will be the one who will determine if this is so, not the opinions of the choir.

One of the local Dominican sisters, one who works at another parish north of here, reports that the Bishop is commenting to others that we are the first parish in the Diocese to fully impement the GIRM. He remarked to me after the recent Confirmation that he likes to come here because we "do things right."

In many ways I have to pay some tribute to those who came before me as I have had to change very little in order to comply.

I will purchase a copy of Crouan's book for any choir member who wishes to engage in a conversation about how we might do what the Church asks. For those who simply depart, we must wonder if they were ever part of this as a ministry.

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The Feast

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Prelude: Adoro Te
Entrance Chant: At The Lambs High Feast
Kyrie: Cum Jubilo, RS 383
Gloria: RS 388, Jones
Psalm: Psalm 147, RS #199
Sequence: Ecce Panis Angelorum, BFW 207
Alleluia: Mode VI
Offertory: Pange Lingua
Eucharistic Acclamations: Community Mass, Proulx
Agnus Dei: Mass XVIII
Communion: The Supper of the Lord
Post Communion: Ave Verum Corpus (Choir)
Conclusion: Alleluia, Sing to Jesus, RS 914

RS= Ritual Song
BFW = By Flowing Waters

The New Music Director was the organist at the 10:00am. One parishioner offered this viewpoint: "It sounded more like a church and less like a cocktail lounge."

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It was the same tough decison as last time, but we were graced with a candidate that overwhelmed us both with his talent, but also with his gentle presence. He has a Masters Degree in Organ, 25 years of music ministry experience, tremendous experience with Children's choirs, excellent recomendations from past co-workers, and he made our organ sound like I always knew it could sound. I remember after mass last Thursday...he came for Mass, played for the 9:00am Mass and stayed for several hours after for an interview. The opening hymn that morning was simply thrilling. He also has a relationship with my favorite convent, the Sister of the Most Precious Blood in O'Fallon, MO.

So it was a toss up between Matthew or Sam. Was it going to be Potential or Experience? This time we went with experience.

Our New Organist, Director of Music Ministry, Sam Dorlaque, begins at St. Edward Catholic Church on June 1st.


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The applications for the Director of Music Ministry are pouring in. I have three more coming this week, and two next week. Matthew is still at the top of my list. I am having the same trouble deciding as I did last time: Experience or Potential?

Today we did a Votive Mass for Mary, The Mother of God. The May crowning had already taken place on Mothers's day.

Procession: Immaculate Mary
Opening Hymn: All are Welcome
Psalm: My Soul Rejoices, (Gelineau) recited verses
Acclamation: Halle, Halle, Halle
Offertory: Gentle Woman
Acclamations and Lamb of God: Creation Mass
Communion: Table of Plenty
Closing: Digo, Si, Senor

Matthew's choices promise to be much better. Stephen arrives today. He has a Masters in Vocal Pedagogy so it looks like he would be an organist that could do wonders for our cantors. We shall see.

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It surprised us all when the Diocesan Paper arrived yesterday and we all recognized the School Principal on the Front Page. Congratulations to Sr. Karen Elizabeth.

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We are a community that values liturgical music and we have a long history of good choirs. We have a small church and a small newly refurbished pipe organ. We also have a harpsichord and a small starting set of hand bells. We have an excellent school that is hungry for music. We are a growing community of 5600 families and in the near future we need to begin planning for an expanded church and a new pipe organ. You need to have a love for Catholic ritual music and be conversant with the liturgical books and the varied traditions and rich history of liturgical music. We want to sing the old chants as well as well-crafted new music, and we want to enjoy the best our choir can offer. You need to have good leadership skills, ability to play the organ, and be conversant with cultural expressions and multi-lingual liturgies. You must be a member of the parish and a full member of the Pastoral Team, responsible for both Spanish and English speaking choirs. . You must be able to work effectively with and develop a music ministry team with staff and volunteers providing effective leadership over eight weekend masses and two weddings per week. Starting salary for demonstrated skill and educational experience is AGO Scale with full benefits. Extra income is available from hundreds of weddings and funerals. We are looking for a gentle hearted person with both patience and persistence interested in helping us rebuild the parish music ministry.

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