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Laon 239


These are samples of manuscripts of chant we learned to read this summer. I found a facsimile of the Laon 239 manuscript on sale on the Solemnes website so I ordered it. My Graduale is now filled with pencil markings where the later Solemnes notation differs from the 10th century manuscript

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As much as I mistrust CWN normally I really appreciated reading Michael Obash's description of the state of Catholic Church Music. (Thanks, RC, for the link). I heard a fuller description this yesterday on the ride down to Lafayette for the recording. Michael and I were both cantors on the recording, and he stands next to me, on my left, in the picture of the schola.

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I decided for youth, inexperience, and evident talent. I also hired a team.

Allen del Rosario is the new Director of Music Ministry for St. Eward Parish.
Alexander Katsman will remain as assistant director and will conduct the choir.

Alex is an accomplished Vocal Coach working in local Musical Theater, San Francisco and San Jose. He has been assistant director and principal accompanist here at St. Edward for fourteen years. He was the choir's choice because they know and love him. He has limited experience with liturgical repertoire but he is willing to learn.

Allen is an organ student and a third years student at San Jose State University in Choral Conducting. He is a part time music minister at another parish at the moment. In the interview, when I asked him about his experience with Gregorian Chant, he said it was not permitted at his current position. Allen was strongly recommended by the current pastor.

In the choice between experience or potential, I decided for potential. Music ministers at the parish who have spoken with me are delighted with the choices as both of these men are well known to them.

The new music ministry team begins with me on August 1st.

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My prayer journal this morning has the following question:

Experience or potential?

I have whittled the the list down to five, and I hope to appoint a music director by Monday.

People with great experience and talent seem to come with a lot of baggage, an agenda they wish to impose, and a negative experience from a former employment. I have some compassion for this perspective simply because I have some negative experiences from past employments, and of course, I have a vision and some hope for the future of music ministry here. The problem is that I do not detect in these people a desire to become a part of the community and get to know the people before making huge changes.

On the other hand there are two applicants who have no experience, some evident talent, and indication of great potential. They are both in their early 20s.

I discovered a new blog today He has not sent his resume, but seems to be tempted by the prospect. It is getting late and if the interview and audition does not happen before Monday, there is no chance to become part of the process.

Prayers appreciated.

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Fr. Larry Heiman has announced the list of the chants for the summer recording of the Schola Speciale. All the selections are from the Graduale Triplex

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