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From Musicam Sacram

emphasis added

15. The faithful fulfil their liturgical role by making that full, conscious and active participation which is demanded by the nature of the Liturgy itself and which is, by reason of baptism, the right and duty of the Christian people.13 This participation

(a) Should be above all internal, in the sense that by it the faithful join their mind to what they pronounce or hear, and cooperate with heavenly grace,14

(b) Must be, on the other hand, external also, that is, such as to show the internal participation by gestures and bodily attitudes, by the acclamations, responses and singing.15

The faithful should also be taught to unite themselves interiorly to what the ministers or choir sing, so that by listening to them they may raise their minds to God.

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I'm Hopeful

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Getting noticed


It is not everyday that one gets noticed by the New Liturgical Movement. Thanks.

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All Saints

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At St Edward Catholic Church, Newark, CA

Introit: Gaudeamus omnes in Domino, Mode VIII, chanted in Latin
Sign of the Cross, chanted in Latin
Greeting: chanted in Latin
Introduction: Chanted in English
Confiteor: recited in English
Kyrie: Mass VIII, de angelis
Gloria: Mass VIII, de angelis
Opening prayer, chanted in English
First reading proclaimed in Spanish
Gradual: Timete Dominum, Mode I, chanted in Latin
Second reading proclaimed in Portuguese
Alleluia: Venite ad me, Mode VIII,
Gospel proclaimed in English
Homily in English and Spanish
Credo III, chanted in Latin
Interecessions, Te Rogamus, chanted in Latin with petitions in six languages
Offertory: Justorum animae, chanted in Latin, Mode VIII
Motet: Justorum Animae, Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, (1852-1924)
Prayer over the gifts: chanted in English
Eucharistic Prayer I, The Roman Canon, Preface of All Saints, chanted in English
Sanctus: Mass VIII, chanted in Latin
Mysterium Fidei, chanted in Latin
Pater Noster: chanted in English
Sign of Peace: chanted in Latin
Agnus Dei: Missa O Quam Gloriosum, Victoria, 1548-1611
Communion: Motet, O Quam Gloriosum, Victoria
Communio: Beati mundo corde, Mode I, chanted in Latin
Post communion prayer: chanted in English
Finbal Blessing: chanted in English
Dismissal: chanted in Latin
Hymn: For All The Saints, Sine Nomine

The Choir was the Schola Cantorum of San Francisco under the direction of John Renke

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Next Summer

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Looks like it is time to begin thinking about next summer.

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