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...on the Gospel of this morning. It is easy to get bound up in where we are going and what we are doing. Jesus calls us to himself, and the one we are with is more important than anything else.

As St. Gaspar wrote from prison, the greatest consolation is in knowing that wherever we are with are with our greatest desire. I am going to have to go find that passage today.

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CD Recording


Today: Rehearsal
Tomorrow: Recording

This year we are recording selected chants from Advent and Christmas. I has been wonderful celebrating the Christmas season here in sweltering Indiana, in June. I have have been sweating over the Gradual, Tecum Principium, from Midnight Mass. I will be the cantor for that piece and it is the most daunting piece of music I have ever attempted.

One correspondant inquired about my times posted on this blog. The blog is still set for Pacific Daylight time, so my actual times posting are two hours later.

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The Psalms

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Bill White has updated his site on the Psalms. This is a great resource and wonderful reflections on the daily prayers of the Church. I receive a great benefit reflecting on the Words of John Paul on these psalms and I am grateful that Benedict XVI intends on completing the work.

Thanks, Bill, for keeping the links up to date.

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It seems only fitting to return the compliment. It is always a joy to share the company of this family of musicians. It was a privilege to celebrate the Eucharist for them this evening. Mary Jane is a wonderful new acquaintance from Florida and she shares many of the joys and frustrations of the Church musician. It is always a pleasure to find people of similar mind and outlook when it comes to the liturgy and its music. I think that she out does me in the wit department though.

Another joy is to reconnect with the members of the Gregorian Chant Choir from the University of Chicago, a choir I directed for two years. Four of their members are attending the institute.

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