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Almighty and ever-living God
by whose will the Most Precious Blood of your only-begotten Son
was formed by the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mary,
and poured out for the salvation of the world on the altar of the Cross;
mercifully grant, through her intercession,
that we who partake of the Chalice of the New and Eternal Covenant,
may so adore the Mystery of Faith
as to experience within ourselves
the fruit of that Redeeming Blood.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God forever and ever.

Prayer by Father Mark Daniel Kirby, O.Cist.

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Reflections on the Colloquium can be found at the sites of fellow bloggers who were present. I will have more to say next week when my vacation is over.

See The Blogs from:
Jenny in Nebraska
Fr. Fox in Ohio
Jeffrey and Arlene in Alabama
The Team Blog at CMAA

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I think Don Marco should be given a round of applause for all the good things he is doing on this feast. I think his homily today outshines mine, and it will take a while just to digest all the images he presents. Give it a good read.

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Adoro te devote

Yearning, I adore you, wondrous hidden God,
Living Bread by bread concealed, speaking heart to heart.
Give me now the faith that sees darkly through the veil,
Let your presence draw me in where my senses fail.

Seeing, touching, tasting, fail to grasp you, Lord.
Hearing only stirs up faith; faith clings to your word.
This is truth enough for me: all that you have said.
Faith alone discerns your Face, radiant, Living Bread.

Seeing you upon the Cross, flesh and blood I find;
Here your flesh and blood are hid, leaving only signs.
Trusting in your mercy, like the dying thief,
I confess you, God and Man; this is my belief.

Unlike Thomas touching, probing hands and side,
I see not but name you still God and Prince of Life.
Draw me to your presence, stronger make my faith,
Bolder make my hope in you, fire me with Love’s flame.

Wonderful memorial of the Crucified!
Sacred Banquet, Living Bread, Wellspring gushing light!
Let your life be life to me, feed and feast my mind,
Be to me the sweetness I was meant to find.

In the wounded Pelican, faith sees something more.
She with blood sustains her young; you your blood outpoured
All the world to cleanse of sin. Bathe me in that tide,
Though a single drop makes pure those drawn to your side.

Jesus, here your Face is hid, from my sight concealed,
How I thirst to meet your gaze gloriously revealed!
After life’s obscurity, let me wake to see
Beauty shining from your Face for eternity. Amen.

Original Latin text: Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)
English translation: Father Mark Daniel. Kirby, O.Cist., 2004

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I normally do not pay much attention to Catholic (only our small part of the)World News, but someone sent me this link which I think contains a very interesting and important perspective on the liturgy.

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